Strange Who, Jewel Staite, Nazis on the moon, Chuck and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

It was a week of science and pirates, and of birth and death (of SF TV). And of Nazis on the moon. This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments includes Who pics, the Roswell mystery solved (not), Trek TV, superheroes and Chuck on Friday nights!

Our story: 10 awesomely disturbing Doctor Who episode 5 promo pics

Your best comment: So, this week The Doctor goes to the land of the Skekis to visit Gelflings who have been drained of their essence and are now waiting for their chance to be cast in the remake of Logan's Run. — Chad

Our story: Book claims to solve Roswell mystery, but 2 SF greats knew better

Your best comment: Watched the author interviewd by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Jon didn't have to say or do much, she came across as a nutcase. During the interview she even said that a UK "Area 51" Conspiracy theory group contacted her and said that her claims were too far fetched for them! When Conspiracy Theorists denounce your claims as too ridiculous, then that is seriously bad... — Chris F

Our story: 30 sci-fi, fantasy and horror series you WON'T be seeing this fall

Your best comment: These summaries said nothing. Imagine this kind of caption for Lost:" A bunch of people gets stuck on an island and weirdness ensues." Then again, good plots and quality usually kills series in a season. — Daniel

Our story: 9 Smallville plot points that didn't turn out exactly as planned

Your best comment: So according to this article, Australia would be a terrible place to film a sci-fi show. Really? Do you guys never watch your own network? (not that I would blame you. Not everybody likes wrestling).

I know it's been a while since Farscape was on the air, but certainly someone remembers that it did a pretty good job of remaking the Australian landscape into alien worlds for four years plus a miniseries! — Firestar

Our story: 7 ways the Smallville TV series changed the comic-book canon

Your best comment: They also took things from the comics that were ridiculously lame, such as characters like Toy Man and Dr. Fate's blue and yellow (really? blue and yellow?) and made them not only work but made them better. Toy Man became a character to fear and Dr. Fate's costume, not only worked but looked good. They made shows like Heroes look dull and have raised the bar for anyone bringing heroes to TV. — KryptoMan

Our story: Jewel Staite: How I feel about Stargate's end--and more!

Your best comment: "In real life, who would you choose: Mal or Simon?


to quote Jayne: i'll be in my bunk — lordanubis82

Our story: Image of the Day: The embarrassing moment Superman met Doctor Who

Your best comment: I smell a sitcom... **Odd Couple Theme Song** — reflected glare

Our story: ABC kills V, picks up Once Upon a Time and The River

Your best comment: "...the show about an ex-CIA agent who fights crime in New York City "

So, they`re bringing back 'THE EQUALIZER' ...? — VELSPAR RAMBEAU PLEKOSTIAN

Our story: Why you won't be seeing a Stan Lee cameo in X-Men: First Class

Your best comment: As long as Bruce Campbell keeps getting bit parts in the Spiderman series I'm happy. — Seth

Our story: Awesome new trailer for that wild Nazis on the moon movie

Your best comment: Oh no! they've recruited little Gretl from "The Sound Of Music"!!!

Now I don't even care to know what her favorite things are. — Drew

Our story: Rumor of the Day: Roberto Orci working on animated Trek TV show

Your best comment: Personally, I'd rather have a live-action series, but at this point my Trek withdrawals are so bad that I'd take what scraps I could get. Bonus points if it's in the Prime timeline. — Chris

Our story: Can Pirates 4 overcome the 4th movie curse of these 10 franchises?

Your best comment: This list is pretty bad. Makes me wonder if the author has done three others like it previously? — Notalemming

Our story: NBC announces its new schedule: Get ready to watch Chuck Fridays

Your best comment: "Greenblatt added: "Chuck is a good show which gets bad rap from always being on the cancellation line. ... We're giving the show a sendoff with a final season. That's what the fans want." "

So am I read to read this as a tacit confirmation that they intend this to be Chuck's last season, or have they always been saying that...? — eventually

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