Cliche posters, Thor trailer, SGU canceled—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

We hope you had your eyes open this week, as there was lots to see! In this week's installment of Hottest Stories and Best Comments you can see cliche movie posters, steampunk Trek, Thor's new trailer, Star Wars cooking gadgets, a Louisiana monster (or not) and ... how the first man on the moon "Armstrongs" Michael Bay's Transformers flubs.

Our story: 12 strikingly similar posters spotlight a sci-fi movie cliche

Your best comment: It's actually a popular stance and heralds back to Goya's painting of The Colossus.

Its supposed to signify moral ambiguity, because in the painting he has his back semi-turned on the scene before him as well as to the viewer. We're not sure what he's going to do - will he step in and be a hero or will he simply ignore whats going on and continue with his life.

Its a pretty appropriate reference for westerns and science-fiction; what will the hero do? Is he a hero? — PV

Our story: Marvel unleashes EPIC long-awaited Thor trailer!

Your best comment: For me Thor has always been an overly heroic goody goody. I love the direction the Kenneth Branaugh is taking this film. Thor is impudent, conceited and thoroughly dangerous even w/ out his powers. I can get behind a film like this. Not all Shakespearean dialogue and high sounding theatrical melodrama, just what looks to be a gripping story. — Viscera

Our story: 7 Star Trek: Original Series stars steampunk style

Your best comment: I will _always_ want to see Kirk swagger. Especially in a 19th century officer's uniform. — Chocolator

Our story: How to insult LOTR, Star Wars & Harry Potter fanboys with a single image

Your best comment: In my opinion, LOTR (books especially, and even the movies) are teflon coated with regard to parody. Any parody of them has no subsequent effect on them being enjoyed and taken seriously. Harry Potter (books for the most part, and I would even say the movies to an extent) are also immune to most attempts at parodies altering reception of them. Star Wars, however, has unfortunately become self-parodying due to Lucas' own myopic efforts. I can hardly watch even the original trilogy without thinking of the ways they have been made fun of. In other words, Mystery Science Theater or Riff Trax or the like would be remembered in every subsequent viewing whereas I think that LOTR or Potter could be parodied successfully in the moment but they would survive the irony in later viewings. — Just Sayin

Our story: Moebius' amazing technicolor designs for a failed Dune movie

Your best comment: Has a bit of a Thundercats vibe.

The good Duke looks like Lion-o, but I like Paul's design. And Feyd looks like a girl. — Kasey

Our story: Creepy human-like creature thing caught on camera in Lousiana

Your best comment: I'm not saying this is real, but come on. Granted there are a lot of faked photos, but would anyone really know what a real one would look like if they saw it? Truth is stranger than fiction folks! Let's stop writing everything off as a hoax and get the facts first, hard evidence too. I'd say this is a start. — JimM

Our story: 9 Star Wars gadgets that'll have you cooking like a Jedi

Your best comment: As a mom, these are the kind of gifts I get for mother's day. And I LOVE them. Last year my boys got me the BSG toaster... awesome! This year I'll hint for the oven mitt and pancake molds & Vader spatula. — Nicole

Our story: 3 new Green Lantern pics prove the power ring's the star

Your best comment: Somebody has to say this: Why would the mask and costume *not* look like CGI? I mean, they're made out of energy, not matter. At least in a movie they could show this better than in a comic. — Brian

Our story: Syfy won't be renewing Stargate Universe for a 3rd season

Your best comment: So let me get this straight, SGU gets cancelled, but Jersey Shore is still on the air? Further proof that the human race is doomed. — Chris

Our story: Why those Dark Knight Rises rumors you've heard could be wrong

Your best comment: One definitely has to wonder what Nolan is up to with the title. The first two titles had definite meaning to the plot of the movie so it seems logical this does as well. And it's a surprising title since this is the last Batman movie for both Nolan and Bale (which is a shame, IMO). Could be a reference to Bane/Knightfall although clearly no Robin or Azrael so a significantly different story. Just as TDK was inspired from the Long Halloween but a very different story. — CrazyOkie

Our story: 4 reasons Chronicles of Narnia is dying at the box office

Your best comment: Perhaps another reason this one isn't doing well is that ... it just doesn't look that good. Never read the books, so going purely based on the trailers and having seen the first two films. The filmmakers just aren't making great fantasy pics. Wooden actors, unfocused plot (Wardrobe was much better than Caspian in this respect), annoying cutesy animals, sub-par CGI (sorry, Liam's voice not enough to overcome unrealistic lion effects). Only thing I came away with from P. Caspian was..."well, Ben Barnes is cute..." Now, Barnes + beard? meh. Pass. — eventually

Our story: Neil Armstrong shows why Transformer 3's trailer is impossible

Your best comment: I think we're going to need a new word for when your SF film's plot is shot full of holes by a real astronaut. Hey, Michael Bay, you've just been "Armstronged." — John Loengard

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