BSG gets a new series, Indiana Jones to die (or not) and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful ... but the sci-fi in here's delightful! This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments issues forth a day early due to the holiday. But here are a few presents you can unwrap early: BSG's Blood & Chrome, new (old?) 2001 footage, Thor's mockbuster, luxury gifts for the uber-rich, Indiana Jones' death, the best marriage proposal ever and more!

Our story: First concept art from Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

Your best comment: I'm digging it. Concepts give a vibe back to the original beloved '78 series with the Ice Planet Zero and Cylon Raider ships. Be nice to get back to a good action scifi series instead of 'is he/she a cylon?' of the week. Maybe something between the old series and the latest BG... — Apollo

Our story: Star Trek vs. Star Wars and 14 more genre feuds viewed as graphs

Your best comment: Where's the smeg/frak chart? — Roger Workman

Our story: 17 lost minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey FOUND!

Your best comment: Kubrick originally started the film with a discussion from various scientists on the possibility of life on other worlds. I wonder if this is that footage? — ubrick origina

Our story: Marvel's Thor gets its own (probably not so) awesome mockbuster

Your best comment: I grew up with Cody and he's a nice guy who's trying really hard to do something great, and it's a shame that this movie is getting so much flack before it's even edited together. They just wrapped filming a couple of days ago. — Jeremiah

Our story: Color-blind Thor casting sparks hate-group outrage

Your best comment: Why exactly does a cultures religious figures have to mirror their own skin color...this is not true with the Mayan's...they believed that Quatzequatl was white skinned with a white beard...which is why they trusted the Spaniards when they showed up.

I see no problem with one of the Asgardian's who are NOT the Norse people being depicted by someone with a darker skin tone. Just because a god is described as the Whitest of the Gods it does not necessarily mean it is a physical may very well be a description of his purity of being, as is thought by some religious historians. — Victor

Our story: Vin Diesel says he's gonna pull a De Niro for the upcoming Riddick

Your best comment: Expect a fourth body type. The one where he's bed ridden on a dialysis machine for messing with his physiology in such a short period. Anything to justify a multi-million dollar paycheck I suppose... — SirAnonym

Our story: 13 sci-fi luxury gifts for the rich, super rich and ultra rich

Your best comment: Not to sound greedy but how about going up to a space station designed like a tokyo lake house, with a mummy, a t-rex, a kick-a** coffee maker, a watch made from Apollo 11, a robot that wipes your a**, an 80's arcade trunk, and a 152 inch tv. Oh and I'll have the lightcycle for when i get back to earth... and the sub. Someone else can have the dice, its just the kind of giving person I am. — Sam

Our story: New Battle: Los Angeles poster declares war on our eyeballs

Your best comment: cant we have an alien invasion seen from the point of view of the entire Planet Earth? since its our planet we should have every country involved and not just the Hollywood part of the US..... Failing that someone needs to do a proper War of the Worlds movie..... — vano75

Our story: Harrison Ford wants Indiana Jones to die in the next movie

Your best comment: What's seriously needed is for Harrison to get his mojo & swagger back. Han Solo and Indiana Jones were such great characters because they were scoundrels; there was an element to them that was not necessarily good, that you could see where they might make questionable choices. — CrazyOkie

Our story: H.R. Giger back for Alien prequel? Yes, says his wife

Your best comment: You should see the microphone stand he designed for the band Korn. — AlphaOmega

Our story: Did David Goyer give away the plot to Superman: Man of Steel?

Your best comment: There are also some great essays in the book "Superheroes and Philosophy." Several focus on Superman how he identifies himself as well as his motivation for doing what he does in the face of the old maxim that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's a great read to consider motivations, identities and relationships of other heroes as well. — w0lfm4n

Our story: Tron: Legacy producer explains why 'we're all nerds' now

Your best comment: A legacy system is an old method, technology, computer system, or application program that continues to be used, typically because it still functions for the users' needs, even though newer technology or more efficient methods of performing a task are now available. A legacy system may include procedures or terminology which are no longer relevant in the current context, and may hinder or confuse understanding of the methods or technologies used. — Admiral Slapyoudown

Our story: Guy proposes to girlfriend with fake Muppets movie trailer (Aww!)

Your best comment: How embarassing. My colleagues at work asked me why I had tears in my eyes. That's definitely one of the most awesome proposals ever. — binagran

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