Images of the Year, new universes, Avengers—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Happy New Year! Although it's 2011, we're not done with 2010 yet! The final installment from the final week of the first decade of the new millennium is ... never mind. This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments bring you the best Images of the Day from 2010, a re-imagined Darth Vader, sci-fi snowmen, an internet archaeologist, Spock as a Native American, Star Wars-themed marijuana and the best use for a decapitated Cylon.

Our story: Images of the Day of the year (Your top 10 pics)

Your best comment: My vote is for the Ian McKellen picture. That man has magnetism. — Lostrekkie

Our story: Artists imagine Darth Vader based only on Lucas' Star Wars script

Your best comment: Is it just me or does pic #5 look like a bad love child of Vader and Megatron? — Capt Hal Jordan

Our story: 6 awesomely geeky sci-fi snowmen

Your best comment: Nice. Jabba and Artoo are my favorites, but Spidey is still a great idea. I get to see a lot of cool sand sculptures since I live near SoBe, but these bring back good memories of growing up in the Midwest with lake effect snow. — bigalosu

Our story: Have scientists discovered proof our universe wasn't the first?

Your best comment: "...will haveto remain a theory." No. It is not a theory. It remains a hypothesis, an idea based on observation. A theory is a hypothesis that has been extensively tested by many people with huge amounts of data to support it and has held up over a long period of time. A scientific theory is NOT, repeat NOT what it commonly means to nonscientific people. A scientific theory is about as close as we come to establishing a natural law these days. There is so much confusion in this matter with lay people, please don't add to it by misusing the terms. As an evolutionary biologist, I can't begin to tell you the problems this misunderstanding has caused (well, I could begin, but I wouldn't be able to stop). — jdmimic

Our story: Clunky 1996 Space Jam site shows how far the Internet has come

Your best comment: But everyone is missing the big picture here.....internet archaeologist??? You mean I could surf the internet in my underwear and call it a career? Sign me up! — Chris

Our story: POLL: Which 2011 sci-fi movie are you looking forward to most?

Your best comment: I had the very same reaction! Isn't that sad? I can't afford to get my hopes up anymore & now I won't see a hyped up movie until at least three trusted friends have seen it first and assured me that it is NOT a waste of time & money. I very much want to be excited for these upcoming films, but experience tells me to simmer down and wait it out. — cfornia

Our story: 1st trailer for Spielberg's alien invasion series Falling Skies

Your best comment: Looks kind of like the aliens from "District 9" came back and were in a really bad mood. Looks good. I like the cast. One big plus is that script dramas on cable almost always get a full run and don't require the ratings that network TV does to be successful. We've gotten to a point where people evaluate a new broadcast network shows chances ahead of time, and, if they think it won't last and get cancelled, they decide to not watch and get invested in it. That of course becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy. So here, with a cable network doing it, they can rest easier that the show has a better chance and they should watch it if they think they'll like it. — Beaker

Our story: 16 offbeat non-Star Trek performances by Trek actors

Your best comment: Leonard Nimoy as a Native that's as stretchy as when John Wayne played Ghengis Khan in Conqueror. Who'd have thought that a Russian Jewish kid would grow up to play a Native American. *lol*

As for Kate Mulgrew's characters all being named Kate. That's not true. She's only been Kate in 3 things. Kate Loves A Mystery, Voyager, and Katherine Hepburn. Other characters she's been is Queen Titania in Gargoyles, Hattie Carraway in Roots, and heck she played THREE different people in Murder, She Wrote! *lol* — Dierna

Our story: Rumor of the day: Avengers movie to feature Skrull-Kree War?

Your best comment: David, Spiderman was a decent movie with the worst possible villain. Imagine the first Superman movie with him battling Toyman or Mxlplk. I don't want the Avengers fighting anything less than Ultron. It needs to be BIG, not Cold War crap or even Loki because Thor can take care of Loki by himself really. We'll get our fill of that with Captain America. Let the silly villains die. The Kree and the Skrull were never campy. — Dierna

Our story: Nimoy's 1992 Xmas TV ad reveals the Vulcan salute's REAL meaning

Your best comment: With the understanding that this commercial is all in good fun, the "Vulcan" symbol came from Nimoy's time in synagogue during his childhood. It's a symbol used by the Rabbi during prayer. — TheVioletArcher

Our story: 4 films that failed to live up to their blockbuster Comic-Con buzz

Your best comment: All of these movies did one thing: they entertained me. Whether they were a financial success doesn't matter to me. That's for the studio bean counters to decide. We need to stop putting so much emphasis on box-office "success." As reviewers and fans, we need to discuss the merits of a given film, not the dollars they generated. — The FilmGuru

Our story: 20 psychedelic strains of Star Wars-themed marijuana

Your best comment: I think it's awesome that blastr runs an article about "Star Wars-themed weed!" Granted, it did kinda feel like "pot porn", but it celebrated the association between watching Star Wars & 420 that many of us can relate to. (As something we did in college) — kurt gutzman

Our story: Never-released 1986 Legend of Zelda prototype FOUND

Your best comment: App is short for application. When I first learned about computers, in school, in the 80s, everything was an application. As shortened today, an 'app.'

Although it was on a cart and not on a floppy, Zelda was an application. The browser you're using to read this is an 'app.'

Wikipedia: Computer programs may be categorized along functional lines: system software and application software. — dave

Our story: Most unsettling use of a Cylon you'll see today

Your best comment: This is all at once the most ridiculously awesome thing in the world, and the one BSG thing I would never let in my house. — David