The end of Harry Potter villain's 10-year tan ban—and more

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Dec 14, 2012

Now that you've finally recovered from New Year celebrations, it's time to bring you up to speed on what you missed while sleeping late and considering the ol' hair of the dog. This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments include: a lift on Malfoy's tanning ban, zombies vs. models, 11 SF movies for 2011, Doctor Who's engagement, Buffy's birthday and bars you should've gone to for New Year's.

Our story: Harry Potter villain FINALLY allowed to tan after 10-year ban

Your best comment: As is so painfully evident in the recent Twilight movies, pale makeup on darker skin just looks strange; they all look like whiteface mimes. It's much easier to get a natural effect by putting neutral or darker makeup on lighter skin -- witness all the goop most women put on their faces. The hair thing: frequent bleaching will make hair look like a haystack in short order -- best to avoid bleaching multiple times over the same hair. — Andria

Our story: Image of the Day: Zombies vs. Supermodels

Your best comment: Real women have curves.

I think the one on the right was in the holiday issue of Victoria's Secret... on every page.

Note that "curves" do not equate to the shape of a bell or Eric Cartman's shape. A curve has a beginning and an end. If it does not, it's a circle. — n0b0dy

Our story: Zoe's bloody dress and 85 other awesome Caprica props being auctioned

Your best comment: Ok, I buy the vest. Now, how do I get it back home through O'Hare airport? D'Oh! That is definitely going to get me on the watch list! — Dave

Our story: 4 Indiana Jones concept drawings from comics stud Jim Steranko

Your best comment: Well, he may have had Tom Selleck in mind, since he was everyone's first choice, but ultimately wasn't available. I can see Selleck's influence in these drawings. — Polartec

Our story: 11 sci-fi/fantasy movies we're looking forward to most in 2011

Your best comment: I wouldn't be offended. I'm sure Hollywood considers comic characters as "A" or "B" based on sales and name recognition. Supes, Bats, Spidey, Hulk, X-Men - no doubt, these are tops in sales and everyone knows who they are. Iron Man, Green Lantern, Thor - sorry, name recognition is lacking. Green Lantern has been 'restarted' numerous times to try and rejuvenate the series and increase sales. However, "B-List" does not mean "Bad", just not as well known. As with all comic book heroes turned movie starts, the story & director will ultimately decide what plays out best in the theaters. — CrazyOkie

Our story: The heartbreaking beauty of Pixar in EXACTLY 7 minutes

Your best comment: To me, the moment the power of Pixar was driven home was after I'd seen Up, not during. I made it through the beautiful opening dry-eyed, then, later, I was describing the movie to my elderly mother who had lost her husband, my father, just a couple years before. I explained how the old man in Up was literally dragging his house and everything he owned around -- essentially, his life -- and, suddenly, my voice started breaking and my eyes welled up and I couldn't finish the sentence. The power of the metaphor had been planted in me like a time bomb and I wasn't prepared for when it went off.

That said, I wouldn't go so far as to say Pixar is eleven for eleven. Are we forgetting Cars? :)

Also, "clipgasm"? — Zuul

Our story: 10th Doctor Who engaged to daughter of 5th Doctor Who

Your best comment: "The Doctor gave permission to himself to marry his daughter and he, full of joy,stood besides himself and sweared loyalty to the gallyfrean family. Then, The Doctor arrived from the skies in a TARDIS and joined them in whovian marriage for all eternity. And they ate Jellybabies and Bananas and there wheres a lot of tea and jammie dodgers. And the gests, many of whom where also The Doctor, remembered for centuries the happiness of both the husband and the bride. He Father, husband and now also son and she wife and also daughter of both." — Cheve

Our story: 11 sci-fi/fantasy TV shows we're looking forward to in 2011

Your best comment: You're dagnabbit skippy that you're looking forward to Game of Thrones! And I stopped looking forward to his next book a long time ago. Most of us fans are lucky if we're still alive by the time he finishes the 7th.

By the way...Dee a are en is not a curse word. — TheVioletArcher

Our story: 1st pics from Spielberg's time-traveling dinoseries Terra Nova

Your best comment: I always love the fact that we assume time has these very hard rules. "We can't go back because..." or - "If you step on a butterfly...". The fact is if time streams were really that frail - we wouldn't be here now. In theory - under the right conditions - if you drop a rock off a ferry in the New York harbor the ripples of that can cause a tsunami in England. But to the best of anyones knowledge it's never happened. Time - if the latest theories are correct operates pretty much the same way. Sure changing the past may impact something - but go back several million years and odds are the impact wouldn't be noticeable. With Bio-degradable products heck you could build an entire society in the time of dinosaurs and by today there'd be nothing to find. We like to think we're pretty advanced archaeology wise - but the truth is we can barely prove with any reasonable certainty what happened 40,000 years ago, let alone 40,000,000 years ago. — rj

Our story: Sneak peek at Joss Whedon's 30th birthday Buffy comic book

Your best comment: know it's possible the time passing in the comic hasn't exactly been one to one either. Or is that surely crazy? Completely implausible there've been a few quiet months scattered around that they didn't really go into because, well, it'd be boring? — Garrett

Our story: 13 surprising ways sci-fi collided with DC politics

Your best comment: .. kinda consperacy theory of me.. but the Jack Ryan thing of "sealed" documents being opened and clearing the way for Mr. Obama... kind of Manchurian canadite .. :) — bolt

Our story: 5 inappropriate Walking Dead product placements we avoided (PICS)

Your best comment: I would have no problem with product placement that is probable in context of the circumstances. I think Walking Dead could easily plant several such placements. If I survive a zombi uprising, I am definately raiding a Wal-Mart. The ones that bother me are the overt placements such as SyFy's own Eureka. Jo Lupo's car is almost a cast member, but it is better than the deodorant a few seasons back. — Darqson

Our story: 18 sci-fi/fantasy bars we wish we could spend New Year's Eve in

Your best comment: Real men only drink at The Roadhouse (Supernatural). However, I would give my right arm to drink at the cantina on Mos Eisley. — carlos spicyweiner

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