A $300 SF short, a dead FF dude, Sucker Punch BFFs and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

It was another week of hot stories annotated with great comments. And we've lassoed the best of the best for your a weekend roundup! Herein you'll find an epic $300 flick, new Spidey, Sucker Punch babes, Lake Bell, Rodney McKay (er, David Hewlett), Black Panther candidates, Jar Jar Binks, Duke Nukem, (redesigned) Thundercats and the Fantastic Four (minus one). Happy Best-Of readin'!

Our story: Awesome $300 13-minute superhero epic puts Hollywood to shame

Your best comment: Overall, it probably took more than 300 dollars to make this, but the firebending was better than M. Night Shyamalan's in "Avatar the last Airbender", so I'm your fan. Heres to hoping someone else gets the gig to make the sequel. Or maybe just on the special effects... I mean, they had better elemental bending in Harry Potter for gods sake! — Kevin

Our story: The awesome story of how the Nostromo prop from Alien was rescued

Your best comment: Okay, this really bugs be... The Nostromo isn't a "prop," it's a miniature. A PROP is something on a set that the actor handles (as opposed to set dressing, which isn't touched or used). Please get your terms straight. Not a prop. — Mister Atoz

Our story: 5 new Spidey set pics give us a better look at the full costume

Your best comment: "Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
This one has a much tighter can;
But he's too young to spin a web;
He's more likely to wet the bed--
Look out, here comes the Spider-Man!"
— Hocker The Cat

Our story: 3 Smallville faves return in 9 new teaser pics

Your best comment: It's strange. The show has had so many weak seasons, but the last few have really turned things around and now I'm actually kinda sad to see it go. I can understand that Tom probably wants to move on, so it wouldn't be possible to keep the show going, but I would love for them to use this as a launching pad for other DC Universe shows set in the Smallville Universe. Then we could see Clark and Lois every so often.

Green Arrow. Justice League. Watchtower. Suicide Squad. Many, many more options. Why not use what's already established. Marvel is creating a whole universe in the movies and tying it all together. DC can own TV if they play their cards right. — Drew

Our story: 5 new Sucker Punch posters show the sexy women who could CRUSH us

Your best comment: If you think these girls can crush you; you obviously weigh 90 lbs, and have zero muscle tone. — JTchicago

Our story: Look who's the latest actress campaigning to play Wonder Woman

Your best comment: Hate to say it but the fact that everyone keeps coming up with names, for a wide variety of reasons from personal popularity to "looks the part" tells me this show will tank. The problem with doing a WW beyond the campy Linda Carter version is that no one has a bead on what a "Wonder Woman" should look, act or be envisioned as a person. Batman -Superman - there's a mutual agreed "This is what they are...". Unfortunately the same can't be true of WW. Look at the backlash when they changed up her threads recently. This thing will live or die based on the story and the acting. 2nd rate Soap stars, super models and Double D actresses with 2D acting skills need not apply. Rather see someone completely new with ability to really define the character than the choices being tossed about. Being popular isn't going to be enough for this beauty contest. — rj

Our story: 5 outrageous astronomical goofs from great sci-fi movies

Your best comment: Arroway's comment makes sense if you assume she switched part way through the sentence from talking about just the galaxy to talking about the whole universe. Call it 10^11 or so stars in a galaxy, and 10^11 galaxies in the observable universe, giving us 10^22 stars total. If only one in 10^18 stars has a technological civilization, that's still 10^4 starts- 10,000. Give me an extra order or magnitude or two of slop, and you have your millions of other civilizations.

Also, the book is much, much better. — Brian Hurt

Our story: David Hewlett: My 'hilariously unhappy' life as Dr. Rodney McKay

Your best comment: Hey David! You were so snarky, in fact, on SG-1 that I had to convince several other of my geek clan to watch SGA--assuring them that you would, indeed, manage to capture their hearts. Low and behold, you did. You've managed to keep me comfortably amused for several years now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your humor, and your life with us on Twitter. And, thank you and Jane for giving us "A Dog's Breakfast." Self depreciation is a fine talent and tool to use--especially in the world of film and TV. — Claudia

Our story: Which of these 9 men should be the Black Panther?

Your best comment: I recommend Isaiah Mustafa. The after-the-credits footage would have to be him getting out the shower with a bottle of old spice shower gel. — tekkblade

Our story: 6 amazing comic-book artists jam to make Jar Jar Binks cool

Your best comment: Given that Jar Jar was entirely CGI, and a voice actor did his voice, it would be entirely possible for Lucas to "Special Edition" the character so Jar Jar, whilst retaining the same look, doesn't come across as some ridiculous racial stereotype. Some of the more slapstick scenes could be toned down as well.

I actually thought it was quite clever the way the good, but naive Jar Jar was manipulated into proposing Palpatine be given special emergency powers. So they'd only have to re-tool Phantom Menace.

Watto could do with some retooling too, for similar reasons.

And if you remove the references to midichlorians at the same time, that fixes another irritation.

Unfortunately I suspect it's beyond current technology to alter Hayden Christensen's performance as Anakin, so short of a full remake we're stuck with him. — penfolduk01

Our story: Which member of the Fantastic Four just got killed? [Spoiler!]

Your best comment: I wouldn't worry. There is an old saying in the comics world. "Death is only forever for Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben." Wait, maybe it was "Death is only forever for Buck and Uncle Ben." No that isn't it. Maybe it was "Death is only forever for Uncle Ben." Is Uncle Ben still Dead? — Tom

Our story: We've waited 13 years, but Duke Nukem Forever is FINALLY here!

Your best comment: Oh GOD that was the BEST Trailer I think I have ever seen. Duke still has his same sense of humor and attitude! I can't wait for this! Spent my entire senior year in HS playing DN3D. I am now 32 years old. This is going to be beyond worth the wait - if for nothing more than the ability to go all Mike Tyson on some alien's bean bag! — Rico

Our story: 1st (somewhat blurry) look at the redesigned Thundercats

Your best comment: I just puked in my mouth, now I am crying............ — Matt