Captain America, fembots, Jamie Bamber, Lois Lanes and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

Pictures, indeed, are worth a thousand words. So we've got tens of thousands of words in this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Click through to see Captain America, Torchwood, Jamie Bamber, Roddenberry's original Trek pitch, sexy fembots, alien snowpacalyptic landscapes, Godzilla, potential Lois Lanes and a mini-Vader.

Our story: 9 new images reveal Captain America's sidekick Bucky and more!

Your best comment: Evans in Sunshine, pulls it off fine. It's not him I'm concerned about, it's how Captain America will work for a modern audience with a growing anti-american sentiment. that said, I'm hopeful people will see beyond that. — D

Our story: Sneak peek: 10 set pics from the 1st episode of the new Torchwood

Your best comment: American sci-fi tends to be more about ships blowing up and suffer from a lack of interesting ideas and compelling characters. Sad to think that the last American sci-fi movie that I really liked was Star Trek, and that is over 40 years old! — ProperVillain

Our story: 22 new Outcasts images reveal more of Battlestar's Jamie Bamber

Your best comment: According to Jamie Bamber's IMDb page, he's only in the first episode. However, I will still tune into this promising series in the vain hope that his character may come back in a second season. I really don't want to have to watch Law & Order: UK in order to get my Bamber fix... — Hannah

Our story: FOUND: Gene Roddenberry's original 1964 pitch for Star Trek!

Your best comment: Thanks to all of you for sharing all this in-depth background. While I am an fan of the show TOS I embrace ALL of the various verisons. The "canon " is and always will be IDIC, Infinte Diversity in Infinte Combinations. The theme of an univerval brotherhood is to me the draw of the series. Those that hated J.J. Abrams perhaped didn't see it was an alternate timeline. If the TOS is seen as the ONLY way that future can be seen then it will be an very short and limited one. If life in the universe can vary why can't the stories behind them as well? I see all the Star Trek like an Good Humour ice cream bar, the tasty center is surrounded by outer layers of equally good ice cream and chocolate! TOS is the core and the foundation on which it's future will be built. Find some positive in ALL the Star Trek as long as Roddenberry's core beliefs are respect its all good -books, films, tv or animated. — Vulcan

Our story: 7 awesome artists reimagine classic superhero comic book panels

Your best comment: Word. I respect the love which I hope is the motivation for these tributes, but the results severely lack. The original artists knocked these classic panels out for their daily bread and at the top of their game. The tribute artists? Well for their own sakes, I hope they have day jobs!

The clear exception is Michael Walsh's scary re-do of the original Batman. Bats looks like he's gonna EAT those guys! — DarkHawke

Our story: 12 bizarre real-life places that are stranger than science fiction

Your best comment: Or the Cross Garden in Prattville, AL. Photos online don't do it justice. Hundreds, thousands of crosses of all sizes and shapes and materials (so many that crosses are nailed to other crosses) along the roadside in the totally rural American South all emblazoned with crudely written phrases like "You will burn!" and "Hypocrite you will die!" and "Jesus Saves. H*ll is hot." But trust me, drive past it at twilight and you'd swear you were in some bad horror movie and might not make it down the street alive.(Even creepier is the fact that the security code I have to type in right now in order to post this is--hand to god--"Loveso Jesu." Even here, years later, that place haunts me.) — Clyde M

Our story: Battlestar's Number Six and 11 other sexy sci-fi sexbots

Your best comment: What about Galaxina in the movie of that name? The actress was a playboy bunny that was killed by her boyfriend shortly afterwards. I remember that at the end of the movie her lover asks if they can have sex, and she answers that there is an attachment for that. — ROn

Our story: 17 frigid worlds proving our snowpocalypse could have been WORSE

Your best comment: How about the planet Charon from the Forever War? Temperatures approaching absolute zero, sheets of frozen hydrogen. You know, very cold. — Mean Green

Our story: 8 fantastically pulpy Godzilla posters from the '50s

Your best comment: The "Gigantis" one is just for the American release of the first sequel to Gojira, Godzilla Raids Again. Long story short, the Japanese version was bought by a company that wanted to reshoot many of the scenes and call the movie The Volcano Monsters. Before that happened the company closed, and a year later another company bought the rights to the movie, also with plans to redo many of the scenes (the Godzilla and Anguiras suits were actually shipped to Hollywood by Toho for this purpose). They changed Godzilla's name to Gigantis, thinking people would rather see a new monster. This version features the voice of one George Takei, or Mr. Sulu as most people know him. — XXSSXX

Our story: Patrick Stewart reveals that his favorite scene was CUT from X-Men

Your best comment: Admittedly, the funny thing is how the things that the areas in which one is most recognized as being talented (if one has such), are rarely the ones in which one exerts the most satisfying nor the most strenuous efforts.
Alike, it's worth noting that there's nothing wrong with being quietly, personally satisfied with deeds no one else will ever see;}
— heisgroot

Our story: Superman's cast--now meet 11 women who could be his Lois Lane

Your best comment: Evangeline Lilly. YES! YES!! YES!!! She has the right attitude and spunk (yeah, I used that word) to pull off Lois Lane. It's about time we had a decent LL (Margot Kidder. Still trying to figure that one out). If not Lilly, then Portman, though I'm wondering if her star power would detract from a lesser known Superman. — Sandra

Our story: Watch Darth Vader in what may be this year's BEST Super Bowl ad

Your best comment: Had he been raised in the Republic and not the suburbs they would have caught it, but now he is too old to begin the training. — CylonLogicBomb

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