Transformers truths, trash talk, terrible tech trade and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

Beat the heat by biting into this week's peppermint-flavored Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Inside you'll find the refreshing taste of Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, Trek squabbles, X-Men squabbles (why all the fighting, kids?), Batman, Superman, new games, kidneys-for-tech and actors ... playing with themselves. CHOMP!

Our story: Shia LaBeouf spills the REAL reason Megan Fox left Transformers

Your best comment: Optimus Prime's voice does it for me every time. I'm a woman. I get exactly what I want from the movies just listening to him talk. I'd rather do him than Shia any day. — M

Our story: 10 awesome unmade Star Trek projects we wish we could've seen

Your best comment: I would have liked to see a "Star Trek meets Alias" type show. Where it is centered around the super secret agency of Section 31. A Secret agent (a la Sydney Bristo) traveling the galaxy, keeping the Federation safe via kick-ass undercover/covert missions. — admdave

Our story: Lost creator attacks January Jones' X-Men: First Class acting

Your best comment: Not big on the latest trend for these writers/directors/producers attacking each others' work. They need to keep their mouths shut. Not defending Jones's acting, just saying it isn't very smart to poison the waters that you might end up drinking from someday. — Argos

Our story: 15 good, bad and utterly unbearable videogame-based movies

Your best comment: The most tragic thing about Street Fighter is that it was Raul Julia's last film. Sean Connery should take note. Does he really want Extraordinary Gentlemen to be his? — Oberon

Our story: X-Men 3 director fights back against First Class director's trash talk

Your best comment: I was curious how the numbers really played out, so I checked the worldwide gross listed on the chart Ratner tweeted. Out of the three Xmen movies and Wolverine, X3 came in last on return of investment (2.2xbudget), even worse than Wolverine (2.5x), compared to X1 (3.95x) and X2 (3.7x). So Ratner has nthing to brag about here. Looking at straight net income, X3 did better, bringing in 249M, beat only by X2 at 298M. X1 and Wolverine were both about 222M. I would also point out that for all the hate on Wolverine, that movie was by far the strongest week to week performer, maintaining its draw much better than the others.

So, Vaughn is a jerk and Ratner really shouldn't be crowing about his numbers. I think the lesson here for the movie companies is that budget doesn't count for all that much.

Ok, I am sure that someone is going to insult me for being so anal. I like facts over opinions, sue me. — jdmimic

Our story: Malcolm McDowell HATED how he killed Captain Kirk in Generations

Your best comment: General Patton was killed in a car accident going 25 MPH...stuff happens, and not every hero can have a "blaze-of-glory" death. Kirk was just having a bad day. — Chris

Our story: Eliza Dushku and Katee Sackhoff rock the Batman: Year One teaser

Your best comment: "Bruce Timm (a true master of the Dark Knight in his own right) decided he wasn't going to mess around with his casting." Oh really? Then why didn't they cast Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman? Any animated movie with Batman in it that doesn't have Kevin Conroy voicing him immediately loses credibility. DC should never let another person voice that character until the day Conroy passes away. Which if we are all lucky, won't be for a very long time...WAKE UP DC!!! — Kevin Conroy

Our story: 27 stunning sci-fi and fantasy videogame trailers from E3

Your best comment: For someone that remembers pong (ok i just aged myself), I am amazed how the line between movies and video games are bluring. My wallet is not looking foward to this hoilday season, or my free time. — John

Our story: 3 fun pics of sci-fi actors playing with their own action figures

Your best comment: Shouldn't that read: "Three fun pics of sci-fi actors playing with themselves" — hawkeye666

Our story: Insanely realistic statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman

Your best comment: Wow... everyone's a critic! I think this is amazing work. Is it perfect? Probably not. But, if you'd shown me this photo WITHOUT telling me it was a statue, I probably would have thought it was:
a) the real Christopher Reeve with lighting a bit off, or
b) a real person who looked a lot like Christopher Reeve.

Great job, Mike Hill! — Lophius

Our story: Teen regrets selling his kidney so he could afford an iPad 2

Your best comment: WOW, cause getting a job is to risky— Jay

Our story: 5 things we like (and 5 we don't) about that DC Comics reboot

Your best comment: I'm not a comic reader myself, but I know how it must feel to those who are, and I do feel for you. However, you try writing a story about the same people for in some cases longer than our grandparents have been around...see if you don't pop up with a few desperate ideas. If you want to be loyal, be positive. If you don't, then remember it's not going to negate anything that has come before. They haven't invented memory removal technology yet. — Deon

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