Andrew Garfield grabs acoustic guitar, sings Spider-Man theme song.

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May 2, 2014, 4:15 PM EDT (Updated)

Did you know that Spider-Man can spin a web, any size? Well, if it's in a song then it must be true! 

There are many things people associate with Peter Parker other than being bitten by a radioactive spider, becoming a crime-fighting journalist who isn't Superman, and (SPOILER) letting his girlfriends die (oops). He's also got a theme song! That's been covered by The Ramones! And while Sam Raimi let some vagrant sing it in his movies, Andrew Garfield cut Marc Webb out of the equation entirely and took care of business himself during a visit to The Tonight Show. He's just a man with an acoustic guitar and a dream. And also The Roots as a professional backup band. And plenty of staging. But mostly just the acoustic guitar/dream combo.

It's a good thing Garfield's out there shilling as well as a Shiller-Man can, considering the middling reviews Amazing Spider-Man 2 is getting. But, genuinely, this was very cute. If nothing else, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots definitely have a gift for bringing out the best in their guests.

(via Uproxx)