Andrew Stanton says those John Carter over-budget rumors are lies

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Dec 16, 2012

Part of the reason we keep hearing rumblings about trouble with Disney's John Carter is the flick's reportedly huge budget and director Andrew Stanton's lack of discipline with it. The rumor for quite some time has been that he let the budget balloon out of control. Well, Stanton's heard those rumors, and he's got something to say.

At a massive John Carter press event over the weekend, Stanton called rumors that his budget swelled to upwards of $300 million a "complete and utter lie." He says that not only did he never go over budget, but he was so careful with the numbers that when he asked for reshoots, Disney was willing to pay.

"I want to go completely on record that I literally was on budget and on time the entire shoot," Stanton said. "Disney is so completely psyched that I stayed on budget and on time that they let me have a longer reshoot because I was such a good citizen, so I find it ironic that we're getting accused of the opposite."

So if that's true, where do the over-budget rumors come from? First of all, the flick is just damn expensive in general. We don't know the exact number, but we know it has to earn mega-bucks to justify a sequel. Stanton says he never upset Disney with his numbers, and that's likely true, but the flick still probably ended up costing Disney more than it would have liked. It's not that Stanton spent their money recklessly; it's just that the cost of the flick went up as it transitioned from conception to reality.

Obviously it's not the first time something like that has happened, and Disney is no stranger to spending massive amounts of money in the hope that they'll make even more massive amounts of money. Hey, just look at the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for proof of that. If John Carter is defeated at the box office, it'll be because of soft tracking and low audience interest, not because of how much of Disney's money Stanton spent.

(via The Playlist)

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