Andrew Garfield watched Spidey porn parody 'a few times' and ...

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Dec 17, 2012

Andrew Garfield did a lot of preparation to get ready to play Peter Parker and his web-headed alter ego in The Amazing Spider-Man. He went over every letter of the script, trained for all the stunt sequences and worked on his American accent, but Garfield apparently went a step further. It seems he took the time to watch a certain X-rated webslinger at work ...

Garfield's in the middle of a marathon of interviews in the lead-up to his first Spider-Man flick hitting theaters next week, but he probably never expected this question. Before getting to the "serious" portion of the interview,'s Matt Patches and Garfield got into a discussion about "porn names," then Patches asked if Garfield's seen the Spider-Man XXX parody.

This was Garfield's answer:

"I watched it a few times. I watched it more from an inspirational stand point than from a sexual standpoint. I think you can find inspiration from anywhere when it comes to this character because it's everyone's; it belongs to everyone..."

We'll have to watch the movie to find out if any of that ... inspiration ... made it into Garfield's performance, but at least he's willing to do the tough research for his role. You can check out the full interview below to hear about the parts of the Spider-Man gig that don't involve porn.

(Via Bleeding Cool)