Why Walking Dead star shares that season-finale whisper with no one

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Dec 16, 2012

It's become one of the great mysteries of the show: What, exactly, did scientist Dr. Jenner whisper to Rick Grimes in the season-one finale of AMC's The Walking Dead?

Ever since that fateful day where the ragtag group of survivors fled the CDC office in Atlanta, the character has remained mum on the secret message.

Is it the location of a safe haven? Confirmation that all hope is lost?

We don't know. And, if actor Andrew Lincoln is to be believed, not even his closest family does, either.

"Not even my wife knows what he whispered to me," Lincoln told the Associated Press. [Rick] chooses not to tell people, so why would I tell?"

Lincoln said the message—which Jenner uttered right before committing suicide—should be revealed this season, and he notes it is "pivotal" for Rick.

"This is a scientist who seemingly held all the cards to what this epidemic is about, and I do think, you know, you would imagine he would have something of value to say on that matter," he said. "Well, he chose to kill himself."

The mystery has created a fervor among fans, and even the show's crew, as Lincoln told the AP an editor on the series actually combed through hours of footage and audio to track down the handful of takes where the sentence was audible.

So what do you think Jenner told Rick?

(via The Washington Post).