Angel Catbird: Listen to an exclusive clip from the audiobook adaptation of Margaret Atwood's first graphic novel

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Feb 12, 2018, 1:37 PM EST

It's a comic book tale as old as time: An ambitious young scientist dabbles in dangerous experiment beyond his/her control, experiment gets out of control, scientist is exposed to some sort of deadly force (radiation, atomic waste, take your pick), scientist gains super powers, scientist becomes superhero.

The formula is simple enough, but can be twisted and manipulated into strange combinations and outcomes. For instance, the first graphic novel from Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood, Angel Catbird, finds geneticist Strig Feleedus accidentally fusing his own DNA with that of an owl and cat. As a result, he has all the powers of a cat and a bird in a comic full of humurous cat puns. Inspired by Atwood's love of Golden Age comics and pulpy radio drama of the 1930s, Angel Catbird tackles the themes of discrimination, self acceptance, and environmental and animal welfare.

Atwood has adapted her own work into an original audibook for Audible, which will feature the voices of Christo Graham, Kelly Van der Burg, Andrew Jackson, Mike Kash, Kyra Harper, John Cleland, Alegra Fulton, Lisa Repo Martel, Julie Lemieux, Dylan Trowbridge, Amy Matysio, David Ferry, and Atwood herself. 

Below is an exclusive clip from the upcoming audibook provided to SYFY WIRE. The voices featured are: John Cleland (Professor Muroid), Kelly Van der Burg (Cate Leone), Chisto Graham (Angel Catbird) 


“We are delighted that Margaret Atwood continues to create original and entertaining works for Audible,” said Audible EVP and Publisher Beth Anderson. “The Handmaid’s Tale: Special Edition, which includes Atwood’s continuation of the story available only on the Audible version, was one of our top-selling titles of 2017. With Angel Catbird, we had a daunting artistic challenge to convey a story told through drawings and turn it into an audio production, but with Margaret’s script and the work of fabulous actors and producers, we’ve done it!”

You can download the ensemble production of Angel Catbird on February 13. 

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