Angel's Alexis Denisof talks his supernatural pilot for ABC

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Former Angel regular and Dollhouse guest star Alexis Denisof has shot a pilot for a supernatural series that ABC is considering for its fall schedule: Pretty Little Liars, which was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, before Christmas.

"It centers around five teenage girls, one of whom is deceased," Denisof said in an exclusive interview Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. (He was escorting his wife, former Buffy the Vampire Slayer regular Alyson Hannigan, to an event for her show, How I Met Your Mother.) As for the show, he added, "She's around as an entity that the other characters have to deal with. I play one of the parents of the central figure. It's a good story. I think it will appeal to multigenerational viewers."

The pilot focused on establishing the premise, leaving the opportunity for a series to explore other storylines surrounding the characters. "Basically that premise is put forward," Denisof continued. "You get the story of the girls and their relationships and the families and their relationships. Then it drops into this ghost story as well."

For a show that would deal with death as a central theme, Pretty Little Liars won't be all doom and gloom. Denisof got the sense from the first episode that the show would be irreverent.

"It's got a sense of humor," he said. "It addresses serious issues, but it has some fun with it. It's current but also has some mystery to it, so it's a good blend, I think."

While Denisof waits for ABC's decision, he is prepared to return to Vancouver to begin filming in the spring. "If they pick it up, it will get picked up for shooting in spring/summer."

[Update: Denisof told us that the pilot was for ABC; however, it's been reported elsewhere that ABC Family has optioned the rights to the show. We'll see which network, if any, winds up with it.]