Angelina Jolie IS the best Disney villain ever in 1st Maleficent trailer

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Nov 13, 2013

She's the best villain in Disney history, and her story is finally being told. But will it be any good? Let's find out! 

The real reason for watching Sleeping Beauty isn't Briar Rose, Prince Charming or even those adorable fairy godmothers -- it's Maleficent. Her character design, her voice, her ability to turn into a #$%@ing dragon make her one of the all time greatest characters in animation.

While we confess we balked at the notion of giving Maleficent a movie all her own, Angelina Jolie's casting in the title role is inspired, and we've been frothing at the mouth to get a glimpse ever since her name was attached to the live-action film.

And now the wait is over. Take a look at the very first teaser.

It's got promise, although that CGI is a bit much. The entirety of the film rests not on special effects, though, but on Jolie herself. Even if the script is subpar, Maleficent could easily become an instant cult classic if Angelina can nail it.

We've got a handful of images in a gallery below. Take a look, make one your desktop background if it suits you, and then tell us what you think so far.

Does this new Maleficent fill you with the good kind of dread, or just the standard?

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