Angelina Jolie accidently kills the sci-fi blockbuster Gravity

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012
Gravity was going to be a big 3-D sci-fi film billed as Cast Away in space, with Angelina Jolie playing the Tom Hanks bit (no word on what Wilson would be made from). The problem is, Angelina doesn't actually want to be in the film, and now Gravity might never get made.
"Gravity, the 3D film that Warner Bros is mobilizing with director Alfonso Cuaron and Robert Downey Jr., is suddenly in danger of falling back to earth after Angellina Jolie said no to a full court press and a big money offer to star in the film. It has put Warner Bros in a bind. The studio needs an actress who can hold the screen and draw an audience to an $80 million film. Much like Tom Hanks' role in Cast Away, the Gravity heroine is the only person onscreen for a large part of the movie."
That's according to Deadline, which also reported:
"Scripted by Cuaron and his son Jonas, Gravity is set on a remote space station. While a team leader (Downey) and a female colleague are traveling outside, the other team members get wiped out by a debris field from an exploding satellite. The film's central focus is the heroine's desperate attempt to return home to her child. The intention is to shoot the film next year after Downey completes Sherlock Holmes 2."
That sounds pretty good to us, so we're sorry it might not happen. In the meantime, we can always enjoy a picture of Wilson.

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