Could Green Lantern TV series succeed where the movie failed?

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Dec 14, 2012

Sure, the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern film wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but that doesn't mean the Lanterns don't have something good still to give. There's a new trailer for the all-CG Green Lantern TV series that's giving us hope—and we think you'll dig it, too.

With Bruce TImm (who is responsible for basically every single great DC animated series of the last two decades) acting as producer, our hopes were already set pretty high, and it looks like the show won't disappoint. In just the first minute and a half we saw, we got a bit of mood and more than our fair share of humor.

If you're turned off by CG animation, keep in mind that many series before have seen success without hand-drawn art. Remember that before Transformers was a huge blockbuster trilogy, it had a bevy of animated shows, two of which, Beast Wars and Beat Machines, were all CG—and they were great.

Based on the little we've seen, though, we're hoping this new Green Lantern might have more in common with another CG series from days past—Reboot. That blend of a humorous episode of the week with complex long-term story arcs is what the Lanterns need to be successful.

Take a look at this latest trailer and let us know what you think:

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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