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Animation news: Netflix drops Trolls Season 2 trailer, Disney Channel announces Amphibia, The Owl House

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Feb 25, 2018, 5:52 PM EST (Updated)

2018 is barely getting started, but we're already looking to the future with two new wacky Disney Channel series. Plus, get ready to dance along to the latest Trolls: The Beat Goes On trailer. That's right, kids, it's time for an animation news round-up.

According to Coming Soon, the Disney Channel just greenlit not one but two new animated shows that sound like they're right up our alley.

amphibia disney channel

Credit: Disney Channel


The first is Amphibia, from director Matt Braly (Gravity Falls). The show is a comedy set in a world of frog-people, naturally called Amphibia. When previously self-absorbed teenager Anne Boonchuy is transported there, she gains some new life perspective as she learns the true meaning of friendship and heroism.

The Owl House, Disney Channel

Credit: Disney Channel


The second show Disney Channel just greenlit is horror-comedy The Owl House from Dana Terrace (DuckTales, Gravity Falls), which follows teen human Luz as she pursues her dream of becoming a witch, even though she has no magical powers. How? She starts an apprenticeship at the Owl House after stumbling into the Demon Realm.

Both shows are set to premiere on the Disney Channel in 2019.


Elsewhere in the animated world ... last month Netflix and DreamWorks Animation Television premiered Trolls: The Beat Goes On, which picked up from where the 2016 feature film ended. And now more trolls are headed your way with Season 2. This season will follow Poppy, Branch, and the Snack Pack on more adventures in Troll Village. Check out the trailer above to brighten your day.

Season 2 of Trolls: The Beat Goes On will hit Netflix in March.

Are you excited for Disney Channel's two new shows? Ready to dance along with the Trolls yet again? Let us know in the comments!