Animatronic expert reveals what we can learn from movie robots

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Science fiction has been teasing us with robots for decades. From Isaac Asimov's tomelike novels filled with law-bound robots to the helpful or menacing 'bots on the big screen, many of us grew up with the idea that a robot-filled future was an inevitability rather than a likely outcome.

So where the hell are they? True, in a way, we do live in a robot-filled future. Robots are teaching classes in Japan, and you could wake up as a cyborg yourself in as little as three years.

Still, we want a real walking, talking, thinking robot. A heavy-duty metal man such as C-3PO would do nicely. He's articulate and expressive and can operate in ways that approach a human's aptitude. Will we see anything like the gold-colored protocol droid in our lifetimes?

Over at our sister site DVICE, Matt Denton, who runs an animatronic company in the U.K. and is no stranger to movie robots, sheds light on whether will we see protocol droids (or badass Terminator endoskeletons) walking down the street in our lifetimes.