Holly Jolly! Disney wants Anna Kendrick to play a female Santa Claus

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May 4, 2017, 10:50 AM EDT (Updated)

Santa Claus is right up there with Superman on the list of most recognizable fictional characters, and right up there with Sherlock Holmes and Dracula on the list of characters most frequently portrayed on film. Everyone from Ed Asner to Tim Allen to nerd favorite Nick Frost has played the role, but there's one thing you don't normally think of when you think of Santa: a woman filling the boots.

That's just what Disney -- a studio that's gotten plenty of mileage out of Santa -- has in mind, though. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) is "in negotiations" to star in Nicole, writer-director Marc Lawrence's (Music and Lyrics) film about a female Santa.

No plot details have been revealed other than the main twist, but the film is described as a "holiday family adventure," and Kendrick seems like the perfect fit. She's proven herself adept at drama, comedy and all-ages fare, and she's already worked with Disney on Into the Woods, a film that let her spread her fantasy wings and show off her musical talent.

As for the central concept, it sounds like a lot of fun. We've done pretty much everything with the Santa suit at this point, from raunchy comedy to horror to Jim Carrey covered in green yak hair as The Grinch. Why not let Kendrick have a turn? Plus, say the words "Anna Kendrick Christmas movie" and I'm there with jingle bells on.