Annabelle vs. Chucky: Which creepy doll should you fear the most?

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Aug 9, 2017, 4:14 PM EDT (Updated)

Certain things are just universally creepy: a little kid's singing voice alone in the dark, happy songs played in a minor key ... and, of course, dolls.

Long before movies about killer or possessed dolls were being made, there was already something eerie about them. Look at them at just the right (or wrong) angle and you just know they've been taking the souls of children for their entire existence.

That creep factor is played up big time this year with Annabelle: Creation out in theaters this week and Cult of Chucky premiering at Fright Fest London later this month before its Oct. 3 release. So which killer doll should you fear the most? Let's lay it all out there and pit these two against each other -- that way they're not coming after us!

Annabelle the Doll: The Origins


Chucky: In the Child’s Play films, a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray (BRAD DOURIF FTW), aka the Lakeshore Strangler, is fatally shot by a police officer; however, Ray happens to be knowledgeable in voodoo and transfers his soul into a Good Guy Doll. Now, he terrorizes young Andy Barclay and others as Chucky the killer doll.

Annabelle: Based on the story of a real life Raggedy Ann doll that’s supposedly possessed by a young girl named Annabelle Higgins, the first Annabelle film shows a woman holding this doll that's attacking another woman, then killing herself, with her blood falling on the doll.

Point: Annabelle
Depending on your view of the supernatural, the original claim may be nothing but ridiculous hogwash to you, but she’s still based on a real-world object. That's terrifying. Sorry, Brad - we love you!

CHILD'S PLAY (Chucky) franchise - The Kill Counter

Kill Count

Chucky: There are fifty-nine deaths in the six Chucky films so far. In the first movie alone, he kills six people. Yeah, this is gonna be a tough round for Annabelle.

Annabelle: She terrorizes quite a few, but in her first movie, Annabelle doesn't actually kill anyone – you can stretch to say she’s responsible for two deaths: the actual Annabelle Higgins and later Evelyn, but it’s still no contest.

Point: Chucky
Yeah, Chucky dominates this round. And his kill count will only get higher with Cult of Chucky.

Take a Ride with Chucky - Jovie murder scene with Chucky - Child Play

Preferred Kill Method

Chucky: Chucky has been known to strangle, drown, shoot, stab, electrocute, suffocate, crush, smother, incinerate, hang, impale and poison. He uses, and is best known for, his knife the most, though (despite being nicknamed 'The Strangler' when he was a human -- strangling admittedly gets tougher when you're a doll).

Annabelle: Mostly, Annabelle and/or her demon possessor tend to terrorize you until you end your own life.

Point: Both!
This one's a draw and we’re giving a point to each of them: Chucky for variety; Annabelle for sheer creepiness.

All Chucky Death Scenes - Childs Play

Number of Deaths

Chucky: Chucky has died six times. He died twice in the first movie alone, both by getting shot in the chest (once as a human, once as a doll); was melted and exploded; was sliced to pieces by a fan; was shot in the chest again; was hacked apart by an axe; and apparently (though not directly on screen) shot in the face with a shotgun. But he always comes back. He ALWAYS COMES BACK.

Annabelle: Annabelle the doll (and the demon therein) was seemingly defeated at the end of her first film, giving her human version and doll version one death each. We know she comes back from this, as well.

Point: Both!
Another draw – we gotta give Chucky a point for constantly coming back, but Annabelle gets a point for being much more efficient ... and, you know, not dying all the dang time.


General Creepiness

Chucky: Chucky is much more about presentation and gore than he is about manipulation. Sure, you'll have your jump scares, and the way he keeps coming back is definitely a terrifying proposition. His manipulation of Nica and her family in the upcoming Curse of Chucky is definitely Chucky at his most downright creepy.

Annabelle: With a combined real-world and devil-cult origin, her link to a demon, her terrorizing for an extended period of time of one family and penchant for going after children (as we’ll see in Annabelle: Creation), this is one creepy doll. Being taken from a Raggedy Anne doll that anyone can easily recognize just adds to the creep factor.

Point: Annabelle
Sorry, Chucky, but I'd much rather meet an over-the-top caricature than a demon-possessed, (mostly) unmoving terror machine.

ANNABELLE: CREATION - Official Trailer 2

And the Winner Is ...

Annabelle! With a narrow victory and a score of 4-3 thanks to the two draws, Annabelle is the killer doll we'd least like to see show up at our doorstep. That doesn't mean you should send the SYFY offices a Chucky "Good Guy" doll, though. Seriously, let's just keep all the dolls away from us. Forever. Thanks.