Anne Hathaway shows off kaiju dance moves in Colossal clip

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Apr 7, 2017, 9:42 AM EDT

When I first saw the trailer for Colossal, I thought, “Oh look, another Anne Hathaway romantic <yawn> comedy.” But as the premise revealed itself, I sat up straight. It’s a romcom all right, one that’s been mashed up with another genre: kaiju.

Kailua is the Japanese word for “strange beast,” but these beasts aren’t just strange—they’re overly large, city-stomping menaces to human society. And in Colossal, one giant creature is attacking Seoul.

Meanwhile, Hathaway’s character, Gloria, finds that she’s connected to the monster. In fact, she may be controlling it.

In the clip, below, we see Gloria reveal her super-powered connection to her friends, who are slow on the uptake. Their reaction is pretty much what you’d expect when you hear your  female buddy controls a kaiju.

Check it out.