Anne Hathaway has a weird kaiju connection in first trailer for Colossal

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Jan 19, 2017, 6:45 PM EST

Whether or not all the head-scratching aimed at Anne Hathaway's new oddball monster movie, Colossal, can ever be swept away, only time will tell.  

The film has reportedly had issues with its "Godzilla meets Lost in Translation" mashup of themes, bewildering interactions and inconsistent tone. On the film festival circuit last year, it garnered mediocre reviews until eventually its distribution rights were sold to mystery buyers Tim League of Alamo Drafthouse and Radius co-founder Tom Quinn at the Toronto Film Festival, with an eye toward a 2017 American release.

Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, Extraterrestrial), Colossal is a madcap horror comedy about an ordinary New Yorker party girl blogger who loses her job and travels to Seoul, where a giant kaiju is wreaking havoc upon the Asian metropolis.  She discovers she has a latent psychic ability to control this rampaging creature and sets about to save the city and her own numbing existence.

It's a peculiar project for the Academy Award-winning actress with a questionable premise. Until the film's theatrical release reveals exactly how the narrative is executed, we can only speculate as to the merits of this potentially polarizing trainwreck.

Have a look at Colossal's first official trailer and tell us if you think this sci-fi horror flick will sink or swim when it thunders into theaters on April 7.

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