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Anne Rice brings Lestat out of the shadows again in her newest Vampire Chronicles book, Blood Communion

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Aug 15, 2018, 9:23 PM EDT

Part night creature, part rockstar, and all legend, Anne Rice’s rebel vamp Lestat de Lioncourt isn’t only going to rule the small screen in Hulu’s upcoming Vampire Chronicles series, but will continue his saga in the latest novel that Rice has conjured, Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat.

Prince Lestat saw Lestat crawling out of a self-imposed exile and assuming his nocturnal reign as a modern-day prince of vampires who would rather wear leather pants than a Dracula cloak. The demon Amel threatened his court and continued to torment him in Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, and Blood Communion will continue the adventure as Lestat reveals how he rose to power (long after queen Akasha was reduced to ashes) and struggles to realize his vision while fighting forces even darker than the undead.

Lestat reluctantly came out of the shadows to settle the chaos among his kind. Blood Communion will be something of an inner monologue, the struggles of an immortal who must bring together other vampires from all the tombs and dark alleys of the world and face off against powerful ancient Rhoshamandes. Things got weird after Rhoshamandes merged with Amel. You’re just not going to be all there when you’re possessed, even if you are 5,000 years old and nearly indestructible.

Lestat will now tell his story with brutal honesty, from the wilds of France where he was made to the debauchery of Louisiana to far-off Pacific islands and Empress Catherine’s court in St. Petersburg, from being the magnetic persona that attracted mortals and immortals to nearly having his dreams shattered by Amel and Rhoshamandes.

Blood Communion will emerge from the darkness on October 2. By the way, for all diehard Anne Rice fans who know what it is to stand in the autograph line for hours at any con she makes an appearance at, Barnes & Noble is selling a signed copy that you can actually pre-order right now.

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