Anne Rice reveals which superhero stars she wants to play Lestat

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Mar 17, 2014, 10:11 AM EDT (Updated)

Who should play Anne Rice's most iconic bloodsucker on the big screen next? Rice has a few ideas, and some of them are superheroes.

Lestat, the French aristocrat turned bloodsucking rock star brat prince of the immortals, is one of the most famous vampire characters of all time thanks to his many appearances in Rice's bestselling Vampire Chronicles series. Lestat appears in all of the 10 Vampire Chronicles novels so far, narrates five of them and will have a starring role again when Rice releases the 11th book in the series, Prince Lestat, this October. 

The character's popularity has also translated to film. Lestat's been portrayed twice on the big screen thus far, by Tom Cruise in 1994's Interview With the Vampire and by Stuart Townsend in 2002's The Queen of the Damned, and many fans of the novels have long hoped for a third cinematic adventure for the character. If Lestat were brought back to the big screen, though, who would play him?

As part of a giveaway contest held earlier this week to celebrate 1 million likes of her official Facebook page, Rice asked her fans to name the actor they'd most like to see play Lestat in a future film. The original post received nearly 8,000 responses from fans. Then, yesterday, Rice responded with her own Lestat wish list, naming three actors she thinks could play the role. 

The first name on her list: Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, who Rice said "has Lestat's square face, cheerful eyes, and voice." She also recommended Arrow star Stephen Amell, who she said "greatly resembles Lestat and has the body and face of a god." She rounded out the list with Hell on Wheels star Anson Mount. 

So, if Rice were casting the role today, she might opt to fill it with either the God of Thunder or the vigilante from Starling City, and many fans of Lestat's particular sex appeal likely wouldn't mind at all.

Rice wasn't done, though. She also posted dream cast possibilities for the star of Interview With the Vampire, Louis -- including The Hobbit star Richard Armitage and Hannibal star Hugh Dancy -- and the elder vampire Marius, star of Blood and Gold. For that character, she posted only one choice: Matthew Macfadyen of SpooksPride & Prejudice and Ripper Street fame. 

Whether we'll ever see another Vampire Chronicles film is anyone's guess, and it'll likely depend quite a bit on the success of Rice's future vampire novels. It's still fun to dream, though, and Rice is clearly happy to share her own casting dreams with fans.

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