Anne Hathaway on becoming Catwoman: Diet, exercise, cat mimicry

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012
Anne Hathaway is taking her role as Catwoman very seriously. We're talking a hardcore diet, a dedicated exercise regimen ... and even cat copying. Yes, she actually cozied up to a cat to see what it was all about. And there's even more to her "unique" supervillain preparation.

Hathaway is currently filming Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, which is the final installment in his Batman series. Considering the success of the previous film and the anticipation mounting for the third, the pressure is on! That's why the actress is doing serious training to get in bat-kicking shape.

She recently visited E!'s Chelsea Lately and talked about her revamped Selina Kyle lifestyle. She went from being a workout weakling to a student of Bikram yoga who lives on "kale and dust" for training. Hmmm, kale and dust? That doesn't sound delicious at all.

But Hathaway's hard work is necessary for her to fit into what she calls the "unforgiving catsuit." She said, "[I get into the suit] with a lot of motivation ... it takes three of us. And the movie I think shoots over six months, so it's not like you focus your efforts for one day, [you have to] really get into it."

Since she's following Halle Berry's barely-there and Michelle Pfeiffer's painted-on costumes, we can understand her determination. Will her hard work pay off? Stay tuned, bat-fans.

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