Anne Rice: Why my new werewolf book is nothing like Twilight

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

After spending much of her literary career writing about vampires, Vampire Chronicles series author Anne Rice has tackled the other classic horror staple for her latest book: werewolves. But, don't worry, she says her new novel The Wolf Gift is a very different animal than recent hits like Twilight.

In a chat with Comic Book Resources, Rice said she obviously realizes that werewolves are the new cliché these days, but she believes her twist on the genre can bring enough to the table to stand out from the glut of were-fiction out there, saying:

"It was really more wanting to return to the classic monsters. You know, I'm aware there are werewolves in True Blood and Twilight and all over the place—in Underworld—but it was really more me wanting to go back to those monsters and try to do something in my style with the werewolf. Make a hero who was experiencing the metamorphosis who could tell us about it, who was conscious the whole time, who didn't lose his personality in the transformation and who wasn't really a shapeshifter so much as he was a physical entity that becomes a man-wolf and then changes back."
If anyone can keep it fresh, it's Rice. Having written vampire masterworks like Interview With the Vampire, and The Queen of the Damned, she definitely has the chops to pull off a genre-busting wolf novel.

The Wolf Gift is on shelves now. Have you checked it out? What'd you think?

(Via Comic Book Resources)

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