Annoying fans drive Who's Steven Moffat away from Twitter

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Dec 17, 2012

Bad news, Doctor Who fans. If you enjoyed following showrunner Steven Moffat on Twitter for insights into the series and occasional peeks behind the scenes, we're sorry to report his account has been deleted. Why? Because crazed fans were driving him nuts, that's why.

Moffat's account was a treasure trove of Who and Sherlock goodness, but the man behind the TARDIS had been having some issues with cyber-annoyances, recently asking:

"Forgive my ignorance - is there a way to limit who can follow you and Tweet you?"

Not long after that, his page went kaput with nary a warning. Luckily, his wife and fellow TV guru Sue Vertue explained the situation via her own Twitter account, saying it had become too much of a "distraction":

Though Moffat's run on Who has been critically acclaimed, he's received some pushback from stalwart fans of the Russell T Davies era, and his Twitter account was a pretty easy target for folks who never got on the Eleventh Doctor bandwagon.

So instead of the angels, it seems the haters have taken the phone box.

(Via The Mary Sue)

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