Ano-thor 5 movies that would be better with Thor in them, part 6

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Oct 26, 2017, 6:11 PM EDT

Happy Thorsday! We've made it through 25 movies that would be better with Thor in them and are adding 5 more to our list on our way to Thorty, er, I mean, forty!

On top of all this excitement, we're even closer to Thor: Ragnarok! I mean, really, it's just around the corner!

26.  Masthors of the Universe


Thor does double triple duty in this film, starting by playing both the loincloth clad warrior He-Man and his arch-enemy, SkeleThor. When the evil Skeletor finds a mysterious power called the Cosmic Key (almost as powerful as Mjolinar), he becomes nearly invincible.  It's up to He-Man to stop SkeleThor by recruiting the key's inventor GwildThor (also played by Thor in his third role in the film). GwildThor gives He-Man a second Cosmic Key and the two Thors battle. During the fight, one of the Cosmic Keys is transported to Earth where it's discovered by a young Courtney Cox (no, really, she's in this movie) and her friend Rachel Kevin. It's a race against time as good and evil land on Earth to search for the missing key.

Epic synthesizer music and electric guitar riffs also played by Thor.

27.  Amityville Thorror



Thor plays homeowner George Lutz who is excited to move with his wife Kathy into their new home in Amityville, New York. At first, they think the deal they got on their beautiful new home is too good to be true, but soon realize they've made a huge mistake. The home has a terrifying history: the former owner was rumored to have been possessed by the devil and murdered his entire family. Now George and Kathy are facing their own horror as their home is filled with evil spirits and it's up to George and his magical hammer to save the day.

28.  Thor Weddings and a Funeral


Thor plays Lovable Englishman Charles in this rom-com romp. Regardless of his stunning good looks, Charles just can't seem to catch a break with the ladies. While at a wedding, Charles meets a beautiful American named Carrie (Andie MacDowell) and they spend a magical night together. Unfortunately, Charles' bad luck continues when Carrie reveals she's headed back to the states the next day. Fate continues to throw them together through a series of weddings and one sad funeral and the two realize, eventually, that they're meant to be together forever.

29.  Thorty Days and Thorty Nights


This movie is supposed to be a comedy about a guy not having sex for 40 days and 40 nights, but now that Thor is in it, it's really not that funny. Not because he's not a funny person, but because Thor is a respectful gentleman who knows how to treat ladies and having a series of shallow one night stands just isn't his thing. When he does finally meet the woman of his dreams, waiting until she's ready for a fully committed, mutually respectful relationship means Thor is happy to give her all the time she needs...with no artificially imposed time limits like 40 days.


30.  Thorces of Nature


Thor is back doing multiple roles in this awkward feature film by playing both leads, Ben Holmes and Sarah Lewis. All Ben Holmes wants to do is make it from New York to Savannah, Georgia in time for his wedding. When a seagull and a hurricane ruin any chance he has of flying there, Holmes reluctantly joins the quirky Sarah Lewis and...ahh, you know what. Forget it. This poster is just a disaster. I mean, really. The proportions are all off, the pics are just...weird. Ugh. I'll be honest, while 99% of these work, every once in a while you run into a trainwreck like this one. Let's just put this up there with The Good Dinothor and pretend it never happened. Sorry.

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