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Another classic Poe and Kaz caper in the mid-season finale of Star Wars: Resistance

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Dec 9, 2018

In “Station Theta Black” we find Poe Dameron back on the scene. Though the episode opens with Yeager and Tan, we only get the briefest of glimpses of Kaz’s found family before being whisked off on a classic Poe & Kaz Excellent Adventure. General Organa sends them to find out what is going on at deep space coordinates, where they find a station being primed for demolition. That puts Poe, Kaz, and BB-8 on a race to find information before being caught by Phasma and her First Order cronies.

Swapna: I really enjoyed this episode as a midseason finale! It was nice to see Poe and Kaz together in action again.

Preeti: Yeah! With some actual stakes thrown in. And I liked that there’s a nod to the Poe we see in The Last Jedi, a little too headstrong and ready for a fight.

Swapna: For sure, it kind of sets up the conflict in The Last Jedi. Leia was at the end of her rope with him because he’d disobeyed her so many times before in his eagerness to engage the First Order. I did laugh out loud when he was pointing the blaster at the explosives.

Poe and Kaz FO Star Wars Resistance Ep 11

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Preeti: Ha ha, same. I also loved that Kaz is, again, so counter what we’ve come to expect from our Star Wars heroes. That specific exchange was great because when Poe was ready to go, Kaz was like “Ummm, no thank you, there is a man pointing a blaster at me.” Which… honestly, that felt like something I would do.

Swapna: SAME. I am smol and am a wuss.

Preeti: We would be totally useless scaredy-cats together, don’t worry.

Swapna: Let’s recall that when we met Darth Vader at Disney World, I actually hid behind you.

Preeti: Oh my god I can’t be the brave one in our friendship, this is going to end so poorly for us.

Swapna: Speaking of things ending poorly, I laughed so hard when Poe was looking for Kaz and BB-8 at the end after the explosion, and he was worried about Kaz but was REALLY WORRIED about BB-8, you could tell from his voice. (Things did not actually end poorly of course.)

Preeti: The whole episode had a wonderful pacing to it. I didn’t know what they were going to find, and I was on the edge of my seat as soon as BB sees that weird murder-bot. It wasn’t quite the reveal of the Empire mining kyber crystals, but it was a good one because they were presumably mining that material for the big blast at the end of The Force Awakens.

Swapna: Right? It’s gotta be for the weapon on Starkiller Base. Again, this had so many echoes of Rogue One in it, like the Rebels knowing the Empire is mining kyber crystals but not why. You have to wonder how much deja vu Leia is experiencing as she watches the rise of the First Order.

Star Killer Star Wars Resistance

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Preeti: I was fairly depressed by that notion, to be honest. Star Wars is what it is by nature, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end of the Skywalker Saga next year, but my heart goes out to Leia who has experienced all of this, and will have to experience so much more.

Swapna: You and I have talked again and again how Star Wars is a tragedy, and that’s quietly evident in this episode.

Preeti: They brought it into the tone in a really lovely, subtle way. Within Leia’s speech to Kaz at the end, were all the things that make Star Wars what it is: hope and tragedy all bundled together. You can tell that Kaz hasn’t quite learned that lesson, and I’m wondering when he’ll be ready to do so.

Swapna: Looking back at the first season so far, I think the show has established itself pretty well. It feels like Star Wars at this point.

Preeti: It does! I wanted to mention that having Phasma show up in this episode felt smart (rather than delegating to that gold stormtrooper whose name I can never remember). She’s ruthless, and Gwendolyn Christie gets so much across with just her voice. It’s a terrifying joy.

Phasma Ep 11 Star Wars Resistance

Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Swapna: That’s a thing we haven’t talked about much, just because I feel like we take it a little for granted in Star Wars cartoons at this point — but the voice acting for this show has been so good. A shoutout especially to Christopher Sean, who does an amazing job making Kaz earnest and excitable without ever becoming annoying.

Preeti: Christopher Sean had so much weight on his shoulders as the lead character of this show and he really settled into the role to give us a Kaz that is relatable and compelling. Also, Oscar Isaac is always a delight.

Swapna: Absolutely. The show returns in January, and we already know one of the plotlines: Doza has to give the First Order an answer. I wonder if the Resistance will get involved, now that they have the terms of the agreement thanks to Kaz.

Preeti: I think maybe the resistance on the base will grow to include the rest of Kaz’s team, maybe. It was a line he said at the end of this episode, that people would join up if they knew the stakes. I’m hoping it means he’ll pull more people into the fight from the characters we already know. Tora seems ready for action! Tag her in!

Swapna: That’s my hope for the rest of the season as well. And with that, we’re signing off — see y’all in the new year!

Preeti: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU *cheesiest of grins*

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