Another Flash fan favorite reveals he'll be coming back to the show, but how?

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May 3, 2017, 4:43 PM EDT (Updated)

The cast of The CW’s Flash has had a few shake-ups over the past three seasons, and now another fan favorite is officially making a return. But … how?

Rick Cosnett, who played Eddie Thawne during the show's first season, has revealed he'll be returning to the series soon. His character became a fan favorite by the end of Season 1 after dying heroically to save everyone from the Reverse-Flash (who would eventually be his ancestor ... man, this show is kinda confusing). Cosnett has since popped up in a cameo or two thanks to time travel, most notably in Season 2 when Barry went back in time to get Thawne’s help with a Speed Force quandary. Thawne is pretty much the nicest guy on the planet.

No word on exactly when or for how many episodes Cosnett will return, but regardless, it'll be great to see him back in action. Cosnett will join fellow former Flash co-star Robbie Amell, who is also set to bring his late character Ronnie Raymond back in some capacity this season. We don't know if they’re related, but it stands to reason their returns could be connected. Time travel? Alternate universe? Visions? 

What do you think? How is Eddie coming back? Glad to see Cosnett back in action?

(Via TV Line)