Another Justice League member is coming to The CW's Flash

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Jan 3, 2019, 4:00 PM EST (Updated)

The Arrowverse has been building up its own version of the Justice League for a while now, and now the series is adding another hero. Before you ask, no, it’s not Green Lantern.

Carlos Valdés revealed in The CW’s Fan Feast after show that they’ll be adding the hero Gypsy to the fold later this season. The actor didn’t say who will be playing her, but did note his character will be learning a lot from her when it comes to using his Vibe powers.

If you’re unfamiliar, Gypsy was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton, and showed up for the first time in Justice League of America Annual” #2 in 1982 (interestingly enough, the same issue to ever feature Vibe). She is typically portrayed as having the ability to cast illusions and become effectively invisible. She was a part of Justice League Detroit in the comics, which has inspired a good bit of the expanded Arrowverse.

What’s your take on Gypsy’s addition? Glad to see another Justice Leaguer join the ranks?