Another studio sets out to remake John Carpenter's Escape From New York

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Jan 14, 2015, 7:32 PM EST (Updated)

We've been hearing rumblings of an Escape From New York remake for nearly a decade, now, and though the project never really seems to gather enough steam to go into production, the idea never quite goes away. As recently as September, we were hearing about potential leads for the remake led by Silver Pictures, and potential stars included Pacific Rim's Charlie Hunnam and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal, but those rumors died on the vine, and Escape remake talk quieted. Now another  studio has thrown its hat into the ring to take on a new version of John Carpenter's 1981 cult classic.

Deadline reports that Twentieth Century Fox has won the rights to remake Escape From New York from original rights holder Studiocanal after a "competitive bidding" war. Carpenter is on board as an executive producer and will reportedly "exert creative influence" on the project, while producer Mike Ireland will oversee things for the studio. According to Deadline, the ultimate goal of the project is, unsurprisingly, to launch a new franchise of Escape films. 

There is reportedly no script, and the studio hopes to start the remake "from scratch," so it's anyone's guess at this point just how long it'll be before we hear anything concrete about directing or casting. This is also Escape From New York, a film that seems to constantly resist being remade no matter who's behind it, so at this point we wouldn't be surprised if the deal falls through yet again. Fox wanted the rights, though, and they went out and got them, so for the time being it looks like we should take this seriously.

What do you think? Will Escape From New York really get remade this time?

(Via Deadline)