Another Trek movie?

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Apr 21, 2006
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After the last two abominations from Yahoo!News, I am loathe to trust them, but this comes from Reuters, which means it's probably true.

They are reporting that a new Star Trek movie is in the works. Can this really be? I figured Nemesis would be the last one, after it tanked in the theaters (it wasn't very good, but it wasn't truly awful). But who knows-- even if it doesn't do well, it'll still make a ton of cash. They're reporting that J. J. Abrams will direct it-- he did Mission Impossible III, a movie you couldn't pay me to see. Tom Cruise, as I have been known to say, is a freakin' nutbag. But Abrams also did Lost which is kind of cool.

Still and all, I'd rather see Firefly back on the air, but this'll do for now.