Another Superman comic sets new auction record: $1.5 mill

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Patrick Lee
Dec 14, 2012

Didn't we just run this story?

Another copy of Action Comics number one—featuring the debut of Superman— has sold at auction, setting a new record of $1.5 million, surpassing the previous record of $1 million and exceeding the $1.075 million paid for Detective Comics number 27, which marked the first appearance of Batman.

This should be the record for a while, according to a report on Zap2It:

This particular copy of Action Comics No. 1 was given a grading of 8.5 versus the 8.0 that the $1 million copy of Action Comics No. 1 rated.

The high grade comes from its excellent condition. The comic book was tucked inside a stack of magazines from the 1930s, preserving its quality. A savvy buyer who purchased the stack of magazines knew exactly what he held in his hands when he saw the iconic image of the Man of Steel lifting a car. Since then, the comic book has been bought and sold several times, increasing in sale price each time.

Where'd I put that box of comics from my mom's garage?

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