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Ant-Man adds new actors and an MCU link as filming starts

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Aug 18, 2014, 5:31 PM EDT (Updated)

As filming finally gets underway on Marvel's Ant-Man, more cast members have been announced -- including a familiar face from a past Marvel adventure.

Disney fired off a press release this morning that cameras were finally rolling today in San Francisco on Marvel's next movie (after The Avengers: Age of Ultron), with director Peyton Reed behind the camera instead of Edgar Wright, who had developed the project for eight years).

While the principal cast of Paul Rudd (Scott Lang), Michael Douglas (Hank Pym), Evangeline Lilly (Hope Van Dyne), Corey Stoll (Darren Cross) and Michael Pena has been in place for a while, the studio also announced a fistful of new names -- one of which has shown up on a Marvel cast list before.

That name is John Slattery, who is best known as Roger Sterling on Mad Men, but who played Tony Stark's father, Howard Stark, in Iron Man 2 (Dominic Cooper played a younger version of Howard in Captain America: The First Avenger).

The fact that Slattery is returning has added fuel to recent rumors reported by Latino Review that a prologue sequence in the film will emphasize Hank Pym's ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was something that Wright and Marvel apparently squabbled over before Wright exited the project.

Those same rumors suggest that in addition to Slattery as Stark, Peggy Carter, Dr. Armin Zola and a young version of Alexander Pierce -- the S.H.I.E.L.D. head and HYDRA mole played by Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- might all show up in that opening sequence. There's no word on whether we'll see Hayley Atwell as Peggy and Toby Jones as Zola if the rumors turn out to be true.

The other new cast members in Ant-Man are Bobby Cannavale (who may be replacing the recently departed Patrick Wilson), Judy Greer (who might be playing Lang's ex-wife), rapper T.I. and a few other, lesser-known names.

Ant-Man opens July 17, 2015. 

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