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New Ant-Man and The Wasp spot teases Paul Rudd’s Infinity War whereabouts

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Jun 18, 2018, 2:07 PM EDT

Avengers: Infinity War gave us plenty to chat about, but one of the big talking points has been the whereabouts of Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man, who played a giant role in Captain America: Civil War, but shrank to nothing in the one crossover to rule them all. Now, thanks to the most recent Ant-Man and The Wasp spot, we get a hint as to where he's been during all this mayhem… maybe.

If we’re to believe the set-up of Disney’s latest promo, then it appears Ant-Man’s been busy perfecting his Chewbacca imitation... 

The new spot (which dropped just in time to announce that tickets are now on sale) begins with epically dramatic voiceover stating that “The War has begun, and one question remains: Where is Ant-Man?” And then we immediately cut to Rudd’s Scott Lang making guttural noises into a fan, which sound distinctly like Chewbacca, while seemingly paying homage to Tommy Boy’s Darth Vader joke…

Perhaps the spot is trying to tell us that Lang’s been spending the last two years obeying the terms of his house arrest. But wouldn’t any hero worth his salt try and join the Infinity fight by whatever means possible? And it’s not like Lang wouldn’t be able to slip out of that ankle bracelet with just a wee bit of shrinkage. 

One hero who’s definitely not shrinking is Evangeline Lilly’s The Wasp, who’s coming onboard for equal billing in this one, the first such female Marvel superhero to earn title placement. And while that honor isn’t Lost on Lilly, it became all the more profound once she donned the super suit.

“Once it was perfected and I got to stand in front of the mirror and see what would become the Wasp, I was really giddy. It was surreal,” Lilly told the Edmonton Journal recently. “When Paul Rudd said that the first time he saw himself in the suit he was so excited he felt like a superhero, I remember being really cynical about it and thinking, ‘Oh, give me a break.’ I wasn’t a big comic book fan and I just thought he was such a geek [laughs]. Then I put on my own suit and I realized what he was talking about. It’s so cool.”

You can get just a bit more sense of how cool The Wasp is in this most recent spot, which, among other cool things, finds her sliding down the edge of a flung knife and taunting a pint-sized Ant-Man for perhaps not living up to Captain America's heroic stature.

Alas, we’ll have to wait till July 6 to see The Wasp and her sidekick Ant-Man in all their diminutive glory. But you can at least go ahead and purchase your tickets now!