Ant-Man banner offers our 1st good look at Yellowjacket

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Dec 29, 2014, 6:38 PM EST (Updated)

Ant-Man won't be hitting the theaters until July 17, but Marvel Studios is putting the art department to work sooner rather than later. A banner for the upcoming movie has just dropped, and it's giving us our first look of Henry Pym's antagonist, Yellowjacket.

Here we see Yellowjacket has a secondary set of arms, which are as "organic"-looking as you would expect from an invention of a biochemist. The jacket is actually a black full-body suit, with yellow as more of a contrast color (at least it's not yellow spandex).

In the upcoming movie, the character of Yellowjacket is Darren Cross (Corey Stoll), a rival scientist turned businessman. However, in the comic book the original Yellowjacket was Pym's evil robot creation, and later, Pym himself. Since then, others have taken on the yellow jacket in the cause of evil.

According to Stoll, "yellowjacket" is the second-generation technology of Pym's original Ant-Man suit. "It can do anything Ant-Man can do, and then more."

A technology that gives you super strength while simultaneously reducing your target size? What could possibly go wrong?