Ant-Man's Corey Stoll opens up about playing the 'psychotic' villain Yellowjacket

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Jan 9, 2015, 5:29 PM EST

Hot on the heels of the first teaser trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man, the film’s villain has dropped a ton of intel about how the mysterious story will fit together.

Corey Stoll (The Strain), who plays Darren Cross/Yellowjacket in the long-awaited film, chatted with Entertainment Weekly and revealed some bombshell info related to the film’s super-secret plot. We already knew the film version would put a new spin on the classic Ant-Man story, and now we know how this version of Yellowjacket fits in.

Basically: Stoll’s version of Cross grew up with Pym as a mentor and eventually staged a coup and took over the company. One big reason? He wanted the mythical Ant-Man tech, which is repurposed into a 2.0 version of sorts with his Yellowjacket armor. Check out the full excerpt below:

“I was this child prodigy that Michael Douglas’ character Hank Pym discovered at an early age. He nurtured me and I was part of his technology company. I started to become aware of these rumors of this fabled technology that can shrink people to half an inch while keeping their full-size strength. And I became very obsessed with it and demanded that we move forward. But Pym had sort of buried it for ethical, moral reasons.

Now, I’ve discovered my own version of that technology and I’m using it for militaristic purposes. I’ve even started to use the technology myself, which has a sort of psychotic effect on people if they use it too much. I can’t get into the details of all the goodies of the Yellowjacket suit but it’s several generations advanced from what Ant-Man has. And then I put it on—and then I am Yellowjacket!”

Stoll also touched on the film’s effects work, an aspect we only got to glimpse in that initial teaser trailer. Though we haven’t seen much yet, Stoll promises the film will apparently feature a ton of shrinking-style VFX work with motion-capture tech. Check out the full quote below, which is really our best peek yet at how they’re handing the effects side:

“I did a bunch of motion-capture stuff, so that was completely abstract, without any set or even costumes. It’s just getting the movements and the facial performance. It almost feels like you’re making a silent movie, where the director shouts out, ‘And now you’re gonna get punched on the left side of your face!’ ‘And now there’s a swarm of ants!’ It was a lot of fun. The last time there was a movie about shrinking was like, Innerspace or Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. So there’s no comparison in terms of what the special effects can do.

There’s a whole unit that was dedicated just to macro photography and they had I think 45 days of shooting where every set, every prop, or anything that was part of the world that Ant-Man interacts with when he’s small, was shot with this crazy, next-level technology that enables you to film things at an incredibly small level without the distortion of a very wide lens. I think it will all add up to a believably immersive, super large-scale world.”

Entertainment Weekly has also dropped some new concept art from the film. Check it out above, and a shot of Stoll’s Yellowjackets below. 

Ant-Man opens July 17.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)