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Anthony Bourdain's final graphic novel Hungry Ghosts coming from Dark Horse

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May 13, 2020, 1:15 PM EDT (Updated)

The late, great Anthony Bourdain was more than a chef. He was an incredible writer in whatever medium he chose, from longform essays to comic books, blending a no-nonsense approach and a traveler’s obsession with the world’s cultures. His final graphic novel, Hungry Ghosts, melds food, competition, and — of course — spooky specters with the culture-hopping human interest that Bourdain made his calling card.

Coming from Dark Horse, Hungry Ghosts is co-written by Bourdain and Joel Rose (with whom he wrote Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi), and drawn by artists Sebastian Cabrol, Vanesa Del Rey, Francesco Francavilla, Irene Koh, Leonardo Manco, Alberto Ponticelli, Paul Pope, and Mateus Santolouco. The plethora of artistic styles goes along with the subject matter: A group of international chefs is tasked with telling scary stories in a game of 100 Candles.

Each features food and some legendary supernatural being, broken down in five original recipes from Bourdain (that you won’t find anywhere else), and an included guide to the otherworldly titled The Real Ghosts. Check out Pope's spooky cover for Hungry Ghosts below:

Hungry Ghosts cover

Source: Dark Horse

The horror anthology takes place over a traditional samurai’s parlor game of Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, but with chefs taking over to give each ghost story some tasty flair. Assessing the afterlife with a healthy appetite, Bourdain’s final comic creation looks like the perfect digestif to a delicious career.

Hungry Ghosts hits stores on Oct. 2.

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