Anthony Mackie is a treasure, claims Falcon and Black Widow having a love affair

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Nov 11, 2014, 1:29 PM EST (Updated)

Behold Anthony Mackie as he references The Jeffersons, talks over his own clip and straight-up disses Bill O'Reilly. 

Meet Anthony Mackie, aka MY NEW FAVORITE PERSON. He was on The Tonight Show the other day, and, rather than doing that thing where one responsibly promotes the film they're in, Mackie just goes completely off book and starts making it up as he goes.

Like, just for example, did you know that, if you read the subtext, the real reason Natasha keeps trying to hook Steve up with other women isn't that she secretly wants him for herself? No, sir. It's to get rid of Steve so Black Widow and Falcon can make a love connection happen. Just watch how badly Mackie does trying to pitch this imaginary sexual tension. It is delicious.

And can we talk about how, every so often, Mackie smacks Bill O'Reilly and goes "Right, Bill?" to which O'Reilly has absolutely nothing to say. What now, Bill? NO TALKING POINTS MEMO TONIGHT? HAHAHA!

Anthony Mackie. My man. I liked the Falcon before, but he is my #1 hero from here on out.

(via The Mary Sue)