Anthony Mackie's bizarre story of how he got cast as Falcon in Winter Soldier

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Oct 2, 2013, 5:15 PM EDT

Not every actor's success in landing a Marvel gig is as simple as "show up, try out, cash check."

Anthony Mackie is playing Falcon in the Cap sequel Winter Soldier, but that's not how things started out. Originally, Mackie auditioned for Iron Man 3, and, after  chasing after that movie and calling "once a month, for three years," eventually Marvel said, "Don't call us, we'll call you."

And maybe that's where most stories would end. But six months later, that call did come and Mackie was ON IT.

The only catch was, he couldn't be told what he was doing. Yes, he knew there was a Cap sequel. Yes, he was given the basic concept. But he wasn't given the script and he didn't even know who he'd be playing, just that he would be the "second lead in the movie." He had to "sign on" first to get more.

Here's the full video to give you an idea of just how into the idea of playing in the Marvel sandbox Mackie was.

It's always great when someone who is clearly a fan lands a really exciting part. It's not that we needed any more reason to be excited for Winter Soldier, but we'll take it.

(via Comic Book Movie)