Anthony Stewart Head on Giles' long-abandoned Buffy spinoff series

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Aug 6, 2015

It seems like more than a decade ago (it was) that we last heard a Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff focused on Anthony Stewart Head’s Giles could be in the works, and now the actor has opened up about what could’ve been.

Allegedly dubbed Ripper during conception, the proposed miniseries would’ve focused on Giles after he moved back to England. It would’ve traded vampires for ghosts, and apparently been a quieter, more British corner of the fan-favorite franchise. Of course, this was one of many spinoffs considered (along with Faith, Slayer Academy, etc.), and none of them ever made it to the small screen.

The concept has been pretty much left for dead the past several years, though Head brought it up in a recent interview with The Guardian. Though Whedon seems to have left the Buffy franchise largely in the rearview mirror (though his schedule is admittedly more open these days), it seems Head would still be keen to tell a few ghost stories:

“I pitched an idea to Joss Whedon, when he was talking about a series for Giles in Buffy, about him becoming a ghost hunter. A friend of ours is a medium and she told us some fantastic stories about stuff that she’s encountered which I’d love to use. The only thing is that people are always shy of admitting [that they believe in ghosts]. In the end they say there’s no such thing as ghosts. As far as I’m concerned it’s all completely real; there is a spirit world. We have the spirit of a little girl and her nanny in our house. The little girl is a benevolent spirit, though there were times when we first came to the house and were doing building stuff that was upsetting the equilibrium of the house, she was unhappy for a while, until we told her that we weren’t doing anything bad and ‘hang in there, you’ll like what we do’.”

Who knows? Maybe, after all these years, we can finally get the Buffy spinoff we always wanted. If everything from X-Files to Prison Break can come back, why not Giles?

(Via The Guardian)

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