Apocalypse screenwriter talks plot, new characters, Mystique's potential motherhood + more

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Sep 26, 2014

Simon Kinberg is clearly excited enough about his next X-flick that he's already sharing plot stuff and potential spoilers. Given how enjoyable Days of Future Past was, we too are excited, enough to share what he's been saying.

So, first of all, let's hear about the main thrust of this film as it wraps what is, apparently, a kind of First Class trilogy:

The thrust of Apocalypse is really to complete the trilogy we began with First Class -– to complete the stories of young Raven, young Hank, younger Charles and Erik. And complete this trilogy of four people who began the films sort of disparate and in different worlds… we’ve followed through the span of decades. So that’ll be the thrust. There will be familiar characters and new characters that we haven’t seen…ever…but it’ll be the completion of what we began in First Class.

All right. New characters. That's cool. So, who might that be? One possibility is Psylocke, who only sorta appeared in (bleh) The Last Stand.

She’s a fan favourite, and also a favourite of mine. We have a small part that she plays in ‘Last Stand’, and we talked about including her in ‘DOFP’ quite seriously actually. There was a version of the script she was in and we even auditioned some actors in Montreal. But we didn’t feel there was enough of a part she would play in a movie that was already full of many, many mutants. She has a cool power. I know Bryan thinks she’s a neat character so there’s certainly a chance she’ll be in an ‘X-Men’ movie some day. Hopefully there’ll be a lot of ‘X-Men’ movies and there’s lot of mutants we’re yet to fully explore onscreen, even if they’ve had cameos before. Now we’re making more films there’s a chance to dig deeper.

Anyone else? How about Cable, for all you '90s lovers out there?

We also talked about including him in ‘DOFP’. I will say, we love the character, we’d love to find a place for him in these movies...

All right. Those are both cool possibilities. That is, though? How about Scarlet Witch?

When we made ‘DOFP’ there is a reference to her in the scene when they’re at Quicksilver’s house, but we ended up pulling it out because like a lot of things it had to be sacrificed for the main momentum of the film. It’s a character we all love, because everyone loves Quicksilver so much. The more we can do to explore his family, the better. So maybe.

Oh, and, yes, in case there was any question, Magneto is Quicksilver's father. Apparently we could see that relationship blossom:

It is a fascinating relationship. Erik grew up without a family, it’s such a huge part of him, of his mission. So the idea of exploring what it means for Magneto to be a father and reconnect with a son many years after his birth, is fascinating and certainly something that would be interesting to explore in future films.

And on the topic of family, there's Mystique. If you recall, in the comics, Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother. Unfortunately, his dad was Azazel, and he is very, very dead. But might we somehow see Mystique as a mom anyway?

All I will say is that ten years transpired between First Class and DOFP, so anything is possible. She’s a young woman in her 20s going on 30s… and I will leave it at that.

So, that's a pretty serious maybe.

What's cool about all this news is that it's really character-rich, but it doesn't even touch on Apocalypse himself yet. Right now, we're still firmly talking about our heroes, who they were, who they are and where they're going. Really, that's always where the primary focus should be in an X-Men story.

That said, any time Kinberg wants to talk about Apocalypse, we'll be all ears.

(via SlashFilm and Comic Book Movie)

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