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Dec 17, 2007

Astronomy Picture of the Day has their Astronomy Pictures of the Year up now. Their list is gorgeous. Duh.

Funny, very few of their images were considered by me for my list! The Saturn occultation one is on my runners-up (more on that later), and the image of Comet McNaught is one I had on my list but for which I couldn't find a high-res version!

The Iapetus image is particularly chagrinning. I had it on my list and it would have been in the Top Five, but for some stupid reason I thought the image came out in 2006! Arrrrg! So I purely and simply blew it there. It's on my runners-up list as well. I'll post those later this week, I think.

Also, please give the love to the pluperfect Angela Gunn, who is always lovely to me and BA. She is teh awesome.

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