Appeal to Congress to re-fund NASA science

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Jun 7, 2006

Robert Berdahl is president of the Association of American Universities, and as such can make a pretty good claim to speak on behalf of the 60 private and public universities which are members of the AAU.

That makes him kind of a big deal.

So when he sends a letter to Congressman Frank R. Wolf, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Science, State, Justice, and Commerce, he has a pretty fair shot at getting heard. And when he asks Congress to allocate 6.5 billion dollars to go back into NASA's beleaguered science budget, then maybe, just maybe, some Congresscritters will notice.

I hope so. Give his letter a read; it's the very model of how to write to Congress politely -- strongly stating support, but pointing out where things need to be done.

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