April 13: This Day in Sci-Fi History

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Apr 13, 2017, 11:22 AM EDT

So. The guy in your office who makes jokes you hate probably often says, “Houston, we have a problem.” He’s quoting the soundbite from the 1995 movie Apollo 13.

Those actual words “Houston, we have a problem” were uttered by astroanuat Jim Lovell on April 13, 1970. From that point on, America was held fascinated for days as NASA worked to bring home astronauts from what had been deemed an impossible mission. Thinking on their feet and likely terrified while in space, the astronauts and ground crew finally got the spacecraft home on April 17, 1970.

The 1995 movie is great and worth rewatching, but definitely take a spin through some internet resources to learn more. Also, the next time someone says “Houston we have a problem,” you can tell him that happened on April 13, 1970. Also, if you’re that person who routinely says this – you should consider freshening up your act some.

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