April 15 in Twilight Zone History: Remembering Elizabeth Montgomery, John Williams and Jean Willes on their birthday

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Apr 15, 2018, 6:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Today, April 15, This Day in Twilight Zone History and The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia remember Elizabeth Montgomery, John Williams, and Jean Willes on the anniversary of their births.

Montgomery (1933-1995), forever etched in our hearts as gorgeous witch Samantha Stevens on Bewitched, starred in the third season opener, "Two," playing a Russian soldier scavenging across post-apocalyptic America who meets a solitary American soldier played by Charles Bronson.


In "Two," a Russian soldier (Elizabeth Montgomery, left) and an American soldier (Charles Bronson, right) - survivors in a postapocalyptic America - form an uneasy truce. 

The impeccable British actor John Williams (1903-1983) popped up as William Shakespeare in “The Bard,” summoned unceremoniously by a hack television writer (Jack Weston) to be his ghostwriter. Needless to say, he's not too happy with his assignment, the world of modern television, and the state of writing in general. Williams later joined TZ veteran Billy Mumy as a sophisticated con man in Dear Brigitte.


John Williams (center) plays Shakespeare as a reluctant ghostwriter to a hack TV writer (Jack Weston, right) in "The Bard."

Curvaceous Jean Willes (1923-1989) joins a large ensemble in "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" playing bus passenger Ethel McConnell, who may or may not be a visitor from outer space. Willes was in a number of high-profile films of the 1950s and '60s: No Time for Sergeants as a WAC captain who stuns Andy Griffith's Will Stockdale; Invasion of the Body Snatchers as TZ veteran Kevin McCarthy’s nurse; The FBI Story as the Lady in Red who fingers John Dillinger; and Ocean's 11 as TZ veteran Richard Conte's estranged wife.


Gorgeous Jean Willes plays a bus passenger - and a suspected visitor from outer space - in "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?"

So let's hoist one to a trifecta of talent – Montgomery, Williams, and Willes – who added another level of class to the extremely classy world we call The Twilight Zone.

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