April 18: This Day In Sci-Fi History

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Apr 18, 2017, 12:32 PM EDT

On this day in 1938, Kal-El was first introduced in comics. You know this already, but as a refresher, Kal-El is the name of the child sent from Krypton to Earth. He grew up and became Superman. The character of Superman was actually created in 1933 in Cleveland, but sold to DC comics in 1938. Looking for a way to celebrate? Perhaps a Superman piñata. Today also happens to be National Pinata Day. We encourage you to hit some stuff until candy comes out. 

Three pretty heavy-hitting birthdays today. Let’s get the good Doctor out of the way: David Tennant was born on this day in 1971.  He continues to be kind of a massive crush among American thinking women.  Also celebrating a birthday today is Melissa Joan Hart, who was born in 1976 and portrayed Sabrina the Teenage Witch for many years.  Finally, Ghostbuster Keymaster and Spaceball villain Rick Moranis was born on this day in 1953. Moranis is no longer interested in being in any kind of limelight, and we respect that. Still, if you see him, wish him a happy birthday.  

Tomorrow:  Stinky old Anakin Skywalker