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April 23 in Twilight Zone History: Remembering actors Marcel Hillaire and James Flavin

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Apr 23, 2018, 5:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Today, This Day in Twilight Zone History and The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia remember two more TZ faces: Marcel Hillaire, born on this day in 1908, and James Flavin, who passed away on this day in 1976.

Hillaire (1908-1988) portrayed Pierre, the opportunistic room service waiter in "A Most Unusual Camera" (salary: $250). He also returned as the wax museum guide in "The New Exhibit" (salary: $200). Although born in Germany, Hillaire made a career playing Frenchmen, particularly waiters, maître d's, professors and gendarmes.


At the end of "The New Exhibit," Marcel Hillaire returns to the TZ fold as the new tour guide, guiding museum goers to the newest and most troubling exhibits. .  

James Flavin (1906-1976) played the truck driver who runs down Jack Klugman in "A Passage for Trumpet" (salary: $200). He returned as the modern policeman chasing down Buster Keaton in "Once Upon a Time" (salary: $250).

Adept at playing Army sergeants, sailors, detectives and prison guards, his lengthy resume includes roles in King Kong, The Grapes of Wrath, Abbott and Costello Go to Mars, Francis Covers the Big Town and Mister Roberts. How popular was Flavin? In 1940 alone, he appeared in 41 pictures.


Actor James Flavin was always comfortable in police uniform, here chasing poor Buster Keaton through the crazy streets of Harmony in "Once Upon a Time."

So let’s raise a glass to two more puzzle parts in that great intergalactic puzzle we call The Twilight Zone.

And for those of you in the L.A. area, I will be present at the Hollywood Autograph Show, along with a parcel of TZ veterans, this coming Saturday, April 28th at the Westin LAX. See you in the Zone.

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